Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor day! and Yes! I’m still couponing!

Happy Labor day! Hope you all are having a great day off!  I'll be spending the day decorating here!

So far my three day weekend has been great! I spent Saturday shopping with Jamie! We had a blast. I can not even tell you!  Keep an eye out for posts about that soon!

Yesterday I took my 16 year old Niece Brooke driving for 6 hours. She is working towards her license and I am doing my Auntie part to help. She is as close to a child as I will ever come and I love her to bits. She did really good! I was so proud of her!

When i got home... Mr. Primcat... my amazing hubby had cleaned the house for me. How wonderful is that? He swept and mopped the whole thing. AND... he bought me flowers and a card because I had given up our plans to take Brooke driving. He said one good deed deserves another. How cool is that? Aren't they pretty?

 I've had a lot of askers... yes, I’m still at it with my couponing.

This pic was from a few weeks ago. I got all this for under $50.00. And yeah… that included the laundry soap!

Woohoo! I love to coupon!
 IMAG0045  IMAG0047 

Was it you? I got asked to review a coupon site and I unfortunately accidently deleted the email! I had just got my smart phone and I didn’t realize that if I deleted an email on my phone that it also disappeared from my online account. If it was you please email me again! I would love to review your site!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Good for you! I am still doing My Points and just redeemed my points for restaurant cards. Love getting a deal!!!
Many Blessings,

~Madalynne~ said...

Nice haul for $50 . . . we spend that much at the deli counter . . . I gotta' find me some coupons!