Meet the Primcats

Here at Primcats House we live side by side with 14 wonderful cats. They are our children and we treat them as such. Everyone is spayed and neutered and they have the best of everything.

All 14 were at one time unwanted unloved strays who were rescued by us. They all went from being unwanted… straight into the lap of luxury! They have a huge outdoor cat enclosure, homemade raw food, distilled water, a home visit vet, 2 huge indoor cat trees, toys galore, and all the love they can stand. It’s all purrs around here.

There are two groups of cats in the Primcat Pride. 

The Mini’s and the Biggie’s.

The 6 mini’s came to us as a litter of 3 week old fosters from our local humane society in 2005. The humane society was over run with rescue animals from Hurricane Katrina and we took them in temporarily. My heart is far to big though, I am no longer foster mom material, and I fell in love and could not give them up. We adopted all 6 Tortoiseshell kittens. 4 black tortie’s and 2 dilute gray tortie’s.

Tracy was an addition to the mini’s and though she isn’t really a part of their litter she fit right in. She is a dilute tortie and is small like the mini’s. She was dumped by her old owner in down town Columbus, Ohio on January 3, 2008. I spent 3 weeks walking the streets in the dead of winter searching for her, working with homeless in the area to help me find her, putting up fliers and visiting humane societies and rescues hoping she would pop up.

By the grace of God and an angel on Tracy’s shoulder she was found and returned to me by a good Samaritan via way of one of the thousands of a lost cat posts I had put out on the web. It was a miracle. 

Meet the Mini’s…

Tracy – The Cat-Dog.

RIP 12/10/19

Ebby – The Queen 
RIP 8/29/05 - 5/10/19
Gizzy – The bed hog. 
RIP 8/29/05 - 2/10/19
Chennifer  - The lovey licker. 
RIP  8/29/05 - 5/23/18
Punky –The talker.
RIP  8/29/05 - 5/19/18

Poofie – The cutie pie.

Katrina – The bad cat.


The Biggies are the other group within the pride. They all came to us via a feral cat that lived on our property when we moved here in 2000. All the biggie’s were born to a feral mom in the brief time that it took me to trap her and get her to the Humane Society to be spayed. They are all very, very large cats and shock all who meet them because of their size. They are all big, tall, long, muscular cats.

Pierre’ is the only outside cat we have. She is Mr. Primcats shop cat. Her job is to keep his shop free of mice and she does her job well. She also has access to the house garage and spends a lot of time up there with is too. She is her feral mothers daughter… not fully feral but easily snaps at the twitch of a whisker for no reason. Everyone who spends time with her ends up with a war wound from her. lol. She’s a bad little one eyed pirate cat but we love her and spoil her just the same.  She has it good here at Primcats House too.

Meet the biggies…

Pierre – The one eyed pirate cat.
RIP  8/1/02 - 8/23/18

Phat Boy – The snuggler.
RIP  4/10/02 - 8/2/16


Smokey – The jester
RIP 4/10/02 - 1/27/16


Rascal – The rascal.
RIP 4/10/02 - 4/16/17


Dottie – The neurotic one.
RIP 4/10/02 - 10/12/2020

Baby Bear – The baby.
RIP 8/1/01 - 11/12/16


Fefi Le Purr – The sweet one. 
RIP 3/1/01 - 7/12/19

Where do the Primcats live?

Inside Primcats house…


And outside in a 2,100 square foot cat safe enclosure where they love to spend time catching bugs and sunning themselves. They are free to come in and out as they please.


The cat trees…

In the living room.  

You can see the cat door to the enclosure here.


In the kitchen…

So that sums up the Primcats and their home. I hope you enjoyed meeting them. 

Carmen and the Primcats


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Beautiful, Adorable Story of how you ended up with the Primcats!
They are all so cute!
14 Wow! I love the playground!
I have more but not in the home, most reside at the barn! Where they eat plenty of cat food,water, sometimes a little milk here & there during nursing times, catch mice & birds,even have caught bunnies & grinnies!
They also get treats of Deer meat!
They keep warm in the winter with all the bales of hay & straw, big huge beds of them!
Cool in the summer in the downstairs of the barn! Room & more Room to roam!
Currently, my babies in the house Britty(Mommy) then Pumpkin Pie, Buffy, Buff, Grey, and Tiger( she is the only girl)! Then there is My Buddy,my baby, Big old orange fat Cat! So I have enough inside when it comes to scooping the liter everyday!LOLCan't imagine how much you go through! My hubby has been pickin on me about the liter, we need a manure spreader for the cats! LOL
So from One Cat Lover to Another Thanks for sharing all the Fur Balls!

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

So nice to 'meet' all of your kitties finally! They are so adorable and definitely seem to have separate personalities - some have that mischievous twinkle in their eyes...Thanks for sharing them with us.
Pets to them all!

Another cat lover!

Ann said...

Carmen, Thanks for introducing the Primcats to me. I've wondered who is who! You just need to have one more - an orange one! We can't live without an orange cat here at our house. Both Frito and Shadow would love to come and play in your backyard. They are indoor only and just live to escape to the outside and breathe in all that fresh air!People who don't have cats just don't get it do they, the fact that our cats are our babies. ~Ann

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

LOL..I always imagined grand children but instead I have Grand Kitty's...14 of them all spoiled rotten too!!
Carmens love of animals started when she was just a baby. Our home was always filled with Critters, Cats, dogs, a pet inside Raccoon, Pet Rats, Bunny's, snakes, birds and anything else Carmen could drag home. So when she decided to foster her mini's I knew they would never leave.
The best thing is that both Carmen and Shane love there kids/Kitty's.
It's a trip go go hang out at Primcats house because almost all of the little darlings want to say Hi and be all over you.. You should ahve seen Carmen and I trying to wrap Christmas gifts in the middle of the living room floor with the help of at least 6 of the grand Kittys...To bad she didn't get a picture of that..they thought it was all playtime with paper!! Christmas Morning is even more fun..I can't wait..

Great Pics of the Grand Kitty's..

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

I fell in love with a momma kitty that lived under our deck with her four kittens. We found them last May. My goal was to trap and spay/neuter them all, but momma disappeared after a while and so did one kitten, so we are left with three kittens. We built an outdoor house for them and take care of them the best we can. I hope to be able to spay/neuter all of the cats that wonder our yard (about 12). I wish I could bring them all inside like you have. :)


Carmen,I loved reading about the prim cats.It does sound like a heavenly place to live with you.We are BIG cat fans but only have 3 left now.I loved all your photos.Each kitty showed their different character so well.We took in two kittens (2 years ago next Tuesday)We only went down to the shelter to take some money we'd raised and ended up being "picked" as new parents AGAIN by one of them,Chris,who persistently patted my leg each time I walked past his enclosure!I drove all the way back there later that afternoon to pick him and his brother up-just in time for Christmas.
Your cats look so more than content and it is wonderful that you do the job that you do-so many just don't care or realise the responsibilty of caring for a pet which is very sad.

Sharon said...


You are an angel! Happy Holidays to everyone at the Primcats House!

My Colonial Home said...

Oh Carmen I thank you for posting your dear little furry loved beautiful they are - how you manage I don't know but bless you!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family! Thank you for visiting and inviting me to come meet your furry babies...they are all beautiful, and such cute names....and as Sharon stated,,you are an angel..

Earlene said...

Thank God there is people like you saving those beautiful cats! Beautiful cats too. I think I would have more if my kitty Emma wasn't so territorial and she is 14.

CR said...

Dear Carmen,
God Bless you for taking in all these lovely fur babies. I adopted three when I was 19 that had Mom killed many years ago. They were so young we had to bottle feed them. I have had many rescues over the years of cats,dogs,birds, and hamsters. Even a lab animal.I know it is a lot of work but you WILL be blessed. You are beautiful inside and out! Carm

Unknown said...

Thank you for understanding the importance of spay/neuter & saving the feral babies. I, too, have many cats (19 to be exact)that have come to me in various ways! I'm glad I found your site while looking for primitive craft fairs!