Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thank you all!

Hello friends,

Just wanted to drop in and thank everyone for the prayers and kind words for my Stepmom and Dad.

Laura is now out of ketoacidosis which is good. However, because of her current medication they have been unable to test and see how much damage was done to her heart. The plain and simple of it is we know nothing about the condition of her heart and she will remain in the hospital for now. I don't think they know when she will be able to get the testing or go home at this point in time.

She is in much better spirits though, so that is good. And I pray that they get her off some of her unecessary meds and get her onto a better program for controling her many, many illnesses. And I hope that they get her some counseling for her depression as well. That would make a world of difference.

I have not been able to see her yet, I have a virus and have had a fever since Sunday night. I'm taking antibiotics but I can't compromise her in anyway, but I've talked to her everyday. And she really does sound in better spirits. :)

Mr. Primcat and I will be heading out for our yearly motorcycle trip soon but I know at the moment Laura is safe and sound in the hospital and that makes me feel bettter. She is beingtaken care of.

I thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts and ask that you continue to send them for Dad and Laura.

Until next time...

Carmen and the Primcats

Monday, June 20, 2011

A hello and a prayer request…


Hello prim friends. I am still here. :) I don’t know where time has gone but I guess sometimes you just have to take a break. I have been around, reading blogs and such, but I got stuck in the can’t comment thing and it just made me mad so I just took a full break from the blogosphere. I have appreciated the emails and hellos though! Thanks for checking on me! That’s super sweet!

There really hasn’t been much going on lately. We have been busy but mostly riding the Harley. No changes to the house. No new purchases to share. Not much at all to blog about! Busy but boring to blog about!

What I do have to share today is a prayer request…

Yesterday, Fathers day, we got some bad news. My step mom, Laura, was taken to the hospital in diabetic ketoacidosis. Since her Dog (child), Lugar, passed away she really hasn’t felt she had a reason to get out of bed, grief has completely consumed her, and she has let her herself go in every way for the past 5 weeks. This does not work when you are diabetic.

Shortly after Lugar passed her abusive and estranged father passed. Though she had no use for him, she is still sad and it added to her already all encumbering depression.

Then shortly after her fathers passing a decision was made to bring another dog into the house as an attempt to lift Laura’s spirits, console her and replace the hole left by Lugar. Of course that didn't work at all and she now greatly regrets this decision and wishes they had not gotten the dog at all. I am not surprised by this. Hubby and I had a discussion when Dad told us they were going to look at the dog and we both said this is what would happen. :(

Not to mention the dog is 7 months old and was only paper trained because the breeders never took him outside. This has become another huge situation for Dad and Laura and is something neither of them has an interest in dealing with… especially with Dad taking care of Laura as he has been. The dog became a burden. Lucky for the dog… their other dog loves him… right now his only purpose if that Batman needs a friend. Furthermore the dog became a medical situation when a neuter became complicated and the he got a bacterial infection… I could go on forever about this… the point is the dog has caused a nightmare of situation (by no real fault of the poor puppy) in their house during this already difficult time leading to more stress and guilt for Laura wanting him causing more heartache.

Due to all the above no matter what anyone says or does she can not pull out of this grief. When she arrived at the hospital yesterday and they started testing they found out she also had a very mild heart attack. Not good. :( They are testing as we speak to see if any permanent damage was done and treating her for ketoacidosis. I do not know though if she will pull out of this grief even if they do get her health back in order. It’s very bad. She has given up. She’s only 46.

So if you have a moment to say a prayer for her, and my Dad, that would be greatly appreciated. Though I am worried about Laura, she is safe and sound being treated in the hospital. Now I am really concerned for my Dad who is the one now under a great amount of stress. I worry for him with all this going on.

So please keep them both in your thoughts (and a quick prayer that Jackson heals and learns to potty outside would help too). Anything to lower the stress level in that house would be a blessing right now.

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats