Sunday, February 2, 2014

♥ More Katie ♥


Hi Friends,

Thank you for all your sweet comments about Katie. She is doing great. She’s been here for 2 weeks and 2 days now and she had made AMAZING strides in both behavior and personality…and yet she has such a long road ahead of her.

So now… lets share a few more pics of Miss Katie and her NEW LIFE with you. Because from here on out it only gets better.

Look how tiny!!!

No, that isn’t a giant chapstick! LOL!


Katie had her vet visit last Tuesday and we found out she isn’t 4.3 pounds… she is 3.4 pounds. I think they transposed the numbers at the HS. At least a pound underweight. We will remedy that right away.

She took to the raw diet we feed right away and I know just like we did with Holly that we will get her back to a healthy weight. Right now you can feel every bone in her body when you pet her.

She’s way to skinny!


It’s hard to tell in pics because her silver shines back at you, but she is balding pretty bad. Her little blond head is hiding the fact that you can see her scalp. I know that proper nutrition will remedy this situation.

Holly’s hair was very thin and short most everywhere when we rescued her, and not from being groomed. It was from lack of proper nutrition, not being spayed and overactive hormones and living a very stressful life. Today her hair is thick and long and lustrous.

I know Katie will get there too.

Snoozing on the couch. Awwww.


This pic was taken right after we introduced Holly and Katie. Holly didn’t do anything to Katie which was good, and Katie loves Holly, she loves all dogs and trust them easily, but as you can see in this pic Holly is pressed against me as hard as she can trying to get away from Katie.

Holly never had any other positive dog interaction or socialization so she doesn’t understand that Katie is a friend… Yet. I have no doubt someday in the future they will be best friends.


While Holly really wants nothing to do with Katie yet, the difference in Katie in a room alone, compared to when Holly is the room is remarkable. Her confidence perks up 100% even though they have no interaction. It’s quite amazing to see it.

Size comparison. It’s hard to imagine a dog could even be smaller than Miss Holly, who is 4.5 pounds, but you can see here she is much smaller.


Holly in front, then Bear next to Katie. A RARE moment of sleepy calmness. She is getting better with the kitties. Bear climbed up after she was asleep so we didn’t have any drama. She still gets WAY over stimulated if they come near her when she is coherent but it is getting better by the day. Someday I think she will be better with the kitties than Holly is. Holly bosses them around like she runs this joint. lol.


Katie’s first bone. Oh boy she loved it. We gave her half of a Zukes Z-bone (all natural, of course) and Holly got the other half. Don’t worry… no one got jipped. We always only give half a bone to Holly. They just don’t make them small enough for my mini’s. Holly was done in 15 minutes… Katie took a full hour to finish hers. And she loved every second of it!

And then a nap in Mommy’s loving arms.

♥ I am blessed.♥


I agree with all of you about the puppymills and breeders. It breaks my heart. You all know I am an an animal advocate and speak always for those who can not speak for themselves. I always have. But now I have a dog that has suffered this abuse and it is now a daily part of our lives.

You just have no idea. You can’t even imagine.

Imagine a dog that runs in circles NONSTOP because that is all she has ever known in a cage. Nonstop!

Imagine a dog that has never felt a loving pet and shrinks into the smallest thing they can be when you lift your hand to pet them with love.

Imagine a dog so skinny that they are ravenous for food.

Imagine a dog who’s body is in such poor condition you feel you might hurt them just with your pet.

Imagine petting a skeleton.

Imagine a dog who’s feet have never walked on a floor so they cannot walk freely around your home.

This was Katie’s life.

10 years in a basement in a cage. Making babies without an ounce of compassion for her life.

Everything I ever *thought* I knew is all in perspective now. It’s all about making this little ones senior years the best they can be… and I swear to you on my life… they will be phenomenal.

But what Katie needs… what all dogs in Katie's position need is for you to speak up.

I ask you to speak up. Say something about it. Don’t be silent. I have never been silent about it. I have always spoken up… but now I am SCREAMING it from the roof tops! Don’t let another dog suffer Katie’s life. Don’t look away when you see it.

Look at Katie!!! Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves!

Be silent… and there will be thousands more just like her until the end of time. We must speak up and stop this! Is it depressing and hard to talk about? Yes! Would you rather look away than share that post? Yes! But if you do not speak for them, this will never end.

Katie came from a situation just like this.






Don’t shop!!! Adopt!! Never buy a puppy from a breeder or a pet store. Please. Adopt those who have already paid the price of being born and landed in a shelter. Please. I beg you. For Katie and for all like her.

I know that not all breeders are bad. I have friends that breed… however they know that I am against it. They are not bad breeders but the fact is… a dog in a shelter will die because they are selling a puppy instead.

What about the breeders that show you two beautiful parents under foot, living in their perfect houses while there are cages in their basement filled with the real parents. Sad smile What about that? You would never even know. You only think you are getting a dog from a good breeder because they hide their dirty secret away from your eye’s. Please. I beg of you.

Adopt don’t shop! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats