Raw Fed Primcats

I have been getting a lot of questions about the raw diet we feed our cats and that makes me so happy! I will soon be adding information here to help you learn about raw feeding... if you wish to do so! :)

The best site I can direct you to for information on raw feeding is a site written by a vet, Dr. Lisa Pearson, who is schooled specifically in feline nutrition. The recipe we feed, and have been feeding since 2006, came from her and can be found on her site.

We store our raw chicken cat food mix in 2 freezers in our house. We make enough at a time for 4 months of food so we only have to have cat food day 3 times a year. 

Here is a picture of a freezer full of homemade raw cat food. 

They eat one blue lidded container per day. It's a 5 pound container. Half in the morning half at night. 

It is WAY cheaper to feed this than any manufactured cat food on the market. It cost us a mere $.25 to $.31 cents per day per cat. So inexpensive. And you could even do it for less if you bought a lower quality chicken. 

Raw feeding is so much healthier than any manufactured food on the market. 

Carmen and the (well-fed) Primcats

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