Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday ~ Blog Updates ~ Eye Update

Hi Friends...

Happy Wednesday!

You know what Wednesday is right? Weigh in day! Technically for Weight Watchers my tracking day is on Monday... but for my blog I weigh in on Wednesday.

So where am I you ask? 


Starting weight January 9, 2012: 150 Pounds (Yikes!!!)

Last weeks weigh in: 139 Pounds (Woohoo!)

Current Weight: 139 Pounds

Total lost so far:  11 pounds

Woohoo! Happy to still be int he 130's! Haven't seen those numbers in ages! 

Even steven this week. No change. But I'm not complaining because last Friday I weighed in at 138... so I know it's in there. I was sick over the weekend and didn't eat at all Saturday. Guess that was good since I cooked all day! Made me unable to snack all day! So Sunday I overdid it... right before weigh in of course. I know that's why I'm up.

I've been struggling with my weigh in day. I want it on Monday so I have all week to earn Activity points so I can spend my extra points on a weekend eat out and drinks with friends. That has been working but come Monday weigh in I'm weighing in on weekend weight and then it is always gone by Wednesday. Always a pound up Monday. I weigh everyday so it's easy to see the trend.

The end goal ends up the same as you can see in my tracker...


It’s always going down. But I fluctuate exactly the same every weekend and it drives me mad!

Anyway… as you can see… Down… down… down… Yay!

Made it to the gym everyday last week and so far this week. Yay! I still really enjoying the treadmill. Been at it for 3 months now and it’s just a part of my daily life now.

My treadmill update is this… I do one full hour at 3.5-3.7mph at an incline between 3 and 9.5 and then a 5 minute cool down. I have learned how to use the random button on the Treadmill to vary my work outs for me and that’s pretty cool.

I think it’s time to plop down the money and get one for home. The treadmill is the only thing I use at the gym right now. And until I hit my goal weight… that’s what I’m sticking to. I will worry about toning and upper body strength when I get to goal. I also think if I had one at home I would use it on Saturday and Sunday too. Days I currently take off walking because I don’t want to use the gas to get to the gym. And I am not an outside walker unless the weather is absolutely perfect with nothing to deter me. I’m just not, so no need to even consider it. So I think it’s time. :)

I’ll start perusing Craigslist and find me a deal. You didn’t think the Thrifty Queen was going to pay full price did you?


Ok… blogger issues.

If you have been trying to update your Blog roll that others see on the right of your blog… you probably have been unsuccessful. It’s broke. The save button isn’t saving. Blogger is aware it’s broke and has been for months.

I accidently deleted my blog list last week and have been desperately trying to restore it to no avail. I usually get 1 to add out of 100 tries. I’m highly annoyed at their lack of trying to fix this.

If you go to the forums this has been going on for months. Yet no fix. I would really like to feature all my blogging friends on my blog… and I don’t want anyone to think I’m leaving them out or deleted them on purpose. I didn’t. Maybe they will fix it if enough complain. I already did. Please do so as well.


I also updated my Ohio Craft Fairs and Shows Page.

Bad news ladies… Simple Goods Show is cancelled.

No more Simple Goods. I have no idea why. It’s just over.

Lots of other Ohio shows are still on though so check it out and mark your calendars.

If you know of a show I missed… let me know and I will add it!


I had my 1 month Eye appointment Monday. Not much new. Same ol' same ol' answers. He says the problems I'm having are due to the cells that they removed (you would need to watch the video to understand what I'm talking about) growing back and they aren't smooth so I just have to wait for them to flatten out. He will recheck at 2 and 3 month mark.

He did give me eye drops to shrink my pupils and not let so much light in so MAYBE I will be able to drive at night. The lights look huge and exploded to me. I can't drive because I can't see the road if there are lights. I have only driven once by myself at night and that was horrifying. I could not see at all. Scary! And I rode once but it was so blinding I stared down at my phone the whole ride. So I’m hoping the drops help.

The good part is I am still getting better everyday. I'm about 80% good vision, 20% bad vision. He says that will clear up in time. My refraction says I'm 20/30 now in both eyes but it doesn't take into account that while doing the exam the letters I was looking at were all double vision. :( So I am still healing... it just takes time with PRK (vs. lasik).

That’s all for today folks! And I’m sure that was enough.

Thrifty Thursday Pics tomorrow… and updated kitchen pics coming Friday! :) See you then!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From this… to this…

Hi Friends…

Everything was neat and clean in the dining room…


The Primcats were hanging in their trencher…


And then… Spring fever struck and the Bunnehs took over!!!!


So here’s the spring hoard!


Do you think I can find homes for it all?


My bee’s and skeeps collection..



Nests galore!


Birdies! Chirp! Chirp!


Chocolate bunnehs!


My favorite! A sandicast sleeping bunny. Awwwww.


All from the goodwill. Smile 


Time to find them homes…

Until Next time…

Carmen and the Primcats

Monday, February 27, 2012

Thank you to 3 Amazing Blogger friends!

Hi friends… 

I need to take a few moments to say thank you to some of my wonderful blogger friends.


A few weeks ago I won a wonderful giveaway from Tammy at A Primitive Place.

I won this wonderful Hog Chow pillow which promptly went to the front porch rocker! Love it!


It goes perfectly!!!


Thank you Tammy!


Back in December I made swap agreement with Cathy at Tolentreasures. Due to surgeries…. it took us a while but I finally got her the springs she wanted for her daughter and she in turn painted me this amazing sign!


Isn’t it beautiful! Mr. Primcat and I love it!!!!!!!


And along with this amazing plaque she sent one of her recipe card holders, a cute house tag and 5 adorable painted clothespins.


Thank you Cathy!!!!!!!  You are am amazing painter!


Lastly… but never leastly!

Linda from Parkers Paradise had made me this adorable fall stitchery last year and I asked her to make me one for the other three seasons.


Look how wonderful!




Isn’t she an amazing stitcher!!!

And here’s this season all framed up!


Thank you Linda!!

I just love treasures from fellow bloggers! So special!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday in the kitchen…

Hi friends…
Hope you all are having a leisurely Sunday. I am hoping to have a nice quiet resting day today.
Yesterday I woke up feeling like heck with a terrible tummy ache. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Yet I had plans… so I pushed through it and took care of business. I decided to raid the hoard today and cook up a storm all day Saturday.

Seeing as I work every day until 5 and then at the gym until 7… it leaves very little time to cook after work. By the time I get home and shower… I am starved and it’s late. So cooking is not a nightly option. Decided to stock up!

What’s in here you ask?


Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup.YUM!


This is soooooo good!


Two crock pots of Turkey Chili! Yummo.



18 Chicken Breasts marinated in 3 different marinades. Chicken Broth, Lemon Pepper and Garlic Lime.


I made Mr. Primcat Mac and Cheese…


And I made me Veggie mac and cheese.

Pair this with a chicken breast and green beans and I have a Homemade 6 point Homemade Weight Watchers dinner! Perfect!


***Edited to add my recipe for veggie mac and cheese...

Here ya go. LOL!

Not a big secret! HA! The pasta is made with Cauliflower.

1/2 cup of this is 3.5 WW points. Mix this with 1 cup of french cut green beans and it's still 3.5  points and more than enough to satisfy your pasta craving without breaking your point bank!!

For Mr. Primcat I made Spaghetti and meatballs…

and for me I made an 8 point Weight Watchers Wheat Spaghetti, Garden Sauce, French Green Beans and Turkey. Delish!


It was a very busy day… but I got so much accomplished. I am so happy that we will have toms of healthy food in the freezer. Today I hope to take a load off and kick my feet up. I need a rest.

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award…

Hi friends!


I know you have all seen this going around. The versatile blogger award.

Kim at The Barn Hallow sweetly bestowed it upon me so how can I resist?

7 little known things about me…

I will do my best! I’m not secretive so this may be hard!

1. I am a Feline Wellness Advocate! I do everything I can to enhance the lives of the cats of this world.
Mr. Primcat and I have 14 cats. We do everything we can to give them the most species appropriate life we can. We feed them raw food and built them a 2100 square foot outdoor cat enclosure. Bigger than our house! Please check out for everything you need to know about raising healthy cats! It’s our bible!

2. I have terrible stage fright! Terrible. Ruined my singing “career” and my modeling “career”. Though I can summon the strength to command a room if I must.

3. I love meeting blogger friends in real life. Meet me! Anytime! I'm the samein real life as on my blog! Many can vouch for that!

4. I don’t wear makeup. I haven’t put it on in 2 years. Before that I wore it once a year for the last 9 years for the Habitat for Humanity Golf outing that I spear headed. Any way, I hate it. It’s not me.

5. I’m 35.  (I think?) lol! Dishwater blond, undyed hair, hazel eyes, pale olive skinned. 5'3" and 139 pounds and shrinking!

6. I am  pumpkin hoarder!!! LOL! (not a secret at all!)

7. I am a Goodwill-aholic. I go everyday at lunch. Nothing much else to do in this little town.

How’s that? Did you learn something about me you didn’t know? I hope so!

I award the versatile blogger to everyone! You ALL deserve it! Please join in and tell me 7 things we didn’t know about you!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Treasures from shopping with Friends ~ and Weigh in Wednesday is back!

Hi friends,

Hope you are all having a wonderful day! It’s beautiful here! The sun is shining and the birds are singing and you can bet when you see all I bought last Saturday you will know just what kind of mood I’m in!

Lets start with my treasures from Primitive Blessings!

A medium sized nest.


A peat pot nest!

(Look at the wall… I spy a kitty paw print in the paint! Bad kitteh! lol!)


SO cute! Pam made these. :)


A huge nest! Loved this!


Wrapped in pretty willow.


And I promptly took it in the kitchen to the bowl I bought it for. Love it!


Bad kitty!!!! No nomming Mommy’s nest!




Sniff sniff.


Three little nests that I’m going to put in my year round tree.


Some more faux mercury beads and rice lights for my feather tree.


Eggs and feathers.


7 little nests for my tree and peat pots.


Eggs for my nests in my tree.


These three adorable potted herbs!


I bought specifically to go in this from last weeks thrifty Thursday. Cute right?


And lastly my free gift from Pam for shopping!

Three cute little nests…


And two YUMMY votives!


On to North Shore…

I got this hanging candle holder for my quilt rack.


I removed the dresser from the bedroom and hung this up instead. Not sure how I feel about it yet… time will tell. I still need to decorate the shelf.


And this sweet little pear pin keep. :)


I placed it on this shelf in the hall with 2 other pin keeps I have. I am really getting into unique pin keeps.   (and I don’t even sew! HA!)


So that’s my hoard from shopping day!



I’m bringing back Weigh in Wednesday. Some of you will remember I did this last year and you can click to the left to find those posts. But now I’m encouraging my fellow weight watchers gals to join with me. If you don’t want to share your weight… you don’t have to. But you can share how much you lost with the rest of us on Wednesdays! I know for sure there are 5 of us on it right now… and I net there are more! Having encouragement and sharing is a great way to have the support you need to keep at it. I would love to support anyone who needs it! I will be your cheerleader if you will be mine. :)

I’m going to go WAY back to my last weigh in on April 6, 2011 and we shall start there. 

Ideal Weight: 115

Starting Weight Jan 3, 2011: 145 Pounds 

Weight on April 6, 2011:  130 pounds 8 ounces (Got lazy again.)

Weight on January 9, 2012: 150 Pounds (Yikes!!!)

Current Weight: 139 Pounds

Total lost so far:   11 pounds

Woohoo!!!! 11 pounds in 6 weeks!

I started the gym back in December and started on Weight Watchers January 9th. I’m pretty happy with where I am headed with my weight loss. If I can keep on track I should be close to my goal weight by June.

That’s all for today!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats