Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy to be home and Happy New you to you all!


Hello my prim friends!


I am happy to report I am home from the hospital and recovering.

Thank you all so much for all the kind comments, emails, prayers and thoughts.

I am very tired and still in a lot of pain. I did get some sleep but I think I’m heading back to bed here soon. I’m just so tired.

I have not gotten around to replying to emails in a few days but I will. Don’t think I haven’t been reading them. I have. :)

I just wanted to stop in and wish you all a happy, beautiful New Year filled with peace and love.

Mine is going to be filled with sleep and rest.



Happy New Year friends!!!!

Until next year…

Carmen and the Primcats

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Still in the hospital but better...

Hello friends. Thank you all so so so very much for all the kind thoughts and prayers. They mean the world. and they put a smile on my face. And over all I would say they worked.

Let's recap the last 24...

You all gave me a chuckle about me posting from the hospital. And FYI... That good chuckle hurt. LOL.  It's official now... I am "THAT CRAZY BLOGGER". LOL. Of course I share all the good fun stuff in my life with you... I wanted to share this insanity too.

I can blog from my phone just like writing someone a text so its not that big of a deal. I'm doing it now. :) And its saving my sanity a bit cuz I'm bored. And all it takes is my thumbs so its all good.

Let's do a replay. Wednesday night at 7:00pm I went into an appendix attack. There is no way to describe that. Just the worst pain I have ever felt.

Shane brought me to the nearest hospital of any quality and they drugged me to the max for the next 12 hours (yep... I was on crazy hospital drugs when I posted to you all, hence my pouty face picture.)  deciding what to test for and if it was my Crohns or appendix. Tests showed inflammation of my appendix, illium and small intestines.

I finally made Shane go home when the tests came in because he had not slept in over 29 hours either and they had no idea what when or how they were going to go about this. My Crohns was complicating and adding to the drama. 

They finally decided to just go in with the intention of appendix but I had to sign paper giving the Dr. permission to remove bowel or give me a clostomy bag if it was necessary. Yikes. Super scary moment. I signed. Alone. At 6am on no sleep for more than a day and night on mass drugs and still in mass pain and told the Dr. he had me scared bleepless. I did not bleep.  O.O

An hour and a sleepless half later, scared bleepless, I was staring into the surgical lights and ceiling just like it was out of one of those alien abduction movies. Big light, shaded faces...fade to black.

I awoke two hours later to thankfully no colostomy bag, an intact bowel and only a missing appendix and a dull bearable healing pain. yay!

Three small punctures taped together from the long tiny instruments they did the surgery with. Belly button, pubic area and one to the left mid abdomen that formed the triangle. Pretty neat.

FF to now from Wednesday at 8 am when I awoke... I still have not slept and I have no idea how I am still going. It's been 36 hours now. No sleep. only the hours they knocked me out and that wasn't really sleep. 36 sleepless hours.

I am still in the hospital. I had hoped to go home today but it was a no go. Never even saw my Doctor at all. No biggie. I think Mr. Primcat was just dreaming big when he told me the Dr. said maybe tonight. Like I said... no one even checked on me today.

I am doing as well as can be expected. Not getting around well at all but I will in time. Hard to get up. Hard to sit down. I have been lapping the hospital halls at a snails pace on Mr. Primcats arm. We made 6 laps over today and  this evening. Just a meer 10 hours after surgery. and until just this evening, in an effort to sleep, I had been refusing all pain meds. I gave in at 6pm hoping it would knock me out. No go. So I am pretty sure this is going to be another sleepless night. I hope to get to go home in the morning and I will sleep then.

Tomorrow evening my girls are still following through with the plans we made for them to come over and I am hoping to have an evening playing with my new Christmas puzzle and enjoying my girls company. That's the plan. I really hope a doctor shows up in the morning so I can enjoy my favorite thing to do tomorrow since its the closest I'm gonna get to a party this new year.  Spend time with those who make me smile... Even when it sucks to be me. :)

Oh and a side note... I was on staycation this week... And everytime I take vacation... I get sick. Like REALLY sick. So I have decided no more planned staycations... I will from here on forward be playing hookey - no call no show... For all future staycations. I am not allowing my body to plan anymore sneak vacation ruining attacks on me!

Tonight I ask you to pray for me sleep, healing and to go home tomorrow to spend time with those who mean the most to me. I need some happiness. :) The last 2 days have been very unhappy. Well... except for the fact that you all made me smile with your well wishes. thank you friends. I really look forward to hearing my phone ding  and knowing that its another friend checking on me. Thanks for giving me something bright to look forward to on these sleepless nights!

Until next time...

and hopefully from home with the babies...

Carmen and the Primcats

I'm in the hospital...

Well happy new year to me. Not. I am currently residing at a room in Riverside Emergency Room waiting to have surgery to remove my appendix. 

Earlier last evening, shortly after posting yesterday's post, I came down with the most unbearable abdominal pain I have ever had. I knew almost instantly it was appendicitis. I have Crohns disease so I am no stranger to abdominal pain... But this was different. Unbearable. I was hysterically crying uncontrollably and couldn't move. Thats not me. I suck it up... and I suck it up almost everyday with my disease. I never even complain. But this time I couldn't. :(

To make a long story short... here I am waiting for surgery for appendicitis. I've been up all night and its 5am right now. Surgery is at 7am.

I sent Mr. Primcat home to get some sleep and take care of the babies. I hope he is able to rest. I know it has been a very stressful night for him. He's very worried.

So friends... If you could say a little prayer for me I would really appreciate it.

Until next time...

Carmen and the Primcats

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

~ Christmas Eve Eve Celebration ~

Hi Friends!
I’m happy to finally have a moment to stop in and say hello! It’s a busy time of year for us all. I hope you all had wonderful Christmas celebrations!

I wanted to share some of our fun celebrations with you all. We started our celebrations on Christmas Eve Eve this year at my good friend Jamie’s house. Me Shane, Jamie and Curt had a wonderful dinner. Jamie made yummy lasagna. mmmmmmm. So good.  Then we cracked open some wine and started opening presents!
Jamie packaged my presents in shredded paper. Which of course turned into a fun paper fight!

Paper Abby.
How did curt avoid the paper?
No idea. But here he is in his awesome new custom shirt I had made for him. :)  He really liked it. :) So did Jamie!
All the guys got custom shirts this year. I had a blast picking them all out!
Jamie and I in front of her gigantic tree.
Who knows. I’m not even going to try to explain.
And then Curt went crazy with the distortion feature on my phone and the rest of the night was filled with this!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shrunken head Jamie.
Elfin Mr. Primcat!
Elfin Jamie!
Elfin Curt!
Drunkin wine glass?????
Picasso Abby!
Elfin Carmen!
Scary Curt!
Scary Shane!
Scary Jamie!
and very Scary Angry Carmen! Whoa!
Happy paper Santa Carmen!
So that was out celebration. We had a great time! So much fun!
Shane got a really cool set of retracting ratchet straps he wanted. Curt got his cool custom shirt and a Lowes gift card to help them finish off the kitchen. Jamie got a ton of stuff. I don’t even remember everything I got her but there were about 20 presents. Lots and Lots of sheep, stars and stuff.
And here’s what I got from her!
She got me dirty handmades for all the seasons and I love it all!!!!!
Skates and mittens!
Spring… a bunneh and carrots!

Summer… a crow on a skeep!

Fall… a witchy crow.
A huge Grungy pumpkin with crow and sunflower for the pumpkin hoarder!
Just look at the beautiful grunginess!
And the most awesome turkey EVER!!!!
Isn’t he the best!
Ok… and just to be the smarty pants she is… she bought me a “Sew it yourself” Christmas toilet tank topper. For those unaware. I do not sew. I have a sewing machine but it’s still unopened in the box. I currently have no intention of opening it so I will have to bribe one of my talented sewing friends into sewing this for me and then I will present it to Jamie like I did it. HAHAHAHA! I like tricks too Jamie!
So that was Christmas Eve Eve.
A good time was had by all!
More Celebrations to come!
Until next time…
Happy New year!
Carmen and the Primcats

Sunday, December 25, 2011

~ Merry Christmas ~

Hello Friends!

Merry Christmas! 

I hope all your celebrations have been merry and bright, full of love laughter and happiness. 

We have had the best 3 days of Christmas celebrations ever. So much fun and joy at Primcats house. Happy to wind down now. The kitties are currently playing in and ripping apart a pile of present paper that we have left on the floor for them since this morning. They are chasing catnip balls and playing with their new toys while Mr. Primcat and I are hanging out snuggled up on the couch enjoying a new movie. 

I wish the same joy, peace and happiness to you and yours as well. 

Merry Christmas!! 

Until next time...

Carmen and the Primcats

Friday, December 23, 2011

~ Christmas in the Dining room ~

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!

So much going on today for everyone I’m sure! I know I’ve been at it all day. And I’m not done yet…
But I did want to pop in and share the last room I have to share… The dining room.

First I want to show you this though! Carol from Firecracker Kid Primitives and and her son Brent from  Backyard Ninja Design made them for me!


All the babies are on there! I love it! So cute! They made me a few so you will be seeing a couple more!

Ok…Lets head on in to the dining room…


On the door… a ladle with a tuck and greens.


My Christmas Mouse from Cindy at Cynthia Lee Designs.  ♥


A big ol’ crow with greens tucked in his pocket.


To the right. My goodwill buffet. Goodwill Feather tree and Goodwill crock stand. Pine and berries on the shelf. 


Pewter on the buffet filled with pine.


A feather tree in the corner.



A China cabinet I got off Craigslist.


Pine and berries on top.

Pretty wreath from Primitive Blessings on the front.


Berries and pine on top… a Santa and reindeer too.


The table set for a Christmas celebration.


A Christmas goose all prettied up with pine and my handmade snowballs.


The dining room tree.

Everything under the tree from goodwill. Except my wonderful snow girl from Cindy.


A shelf of Pewter. All from the goodwill.  Pine and a snowman feather tree plate Christmas it up.


A peace dove…




More Christmas touches over here.


Primcat from North Shore Primitives.



Santa and pine.




Ebby “helping” arrange the pine. lol!



Ok… I’m off. We are having dinner with friends tonight and I must be going!


Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats

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