Friday, July 31, 2009

I am trying to comment…

Hi everyone. I haven’t had time to blog recently… but I’m still reading your blogs daily! I just love seeing your primitive homes and getting inspiration from fellow prim lovers. Thank you so much for sharing! I do so enjoy my daily blog reading time! I promise to share our home very soon!

I also see I gained three new friends!

Hello Tammy!
Hello Kindra!
Hello Andy!

I’m so super excited that you are here! Thanks for following me!

I also wanted to let Andy know that I have been desperately trying to comment on her blog about her stunning Pfaltzgraff collection but it won’t let me. :o( When I go to comment it just sits there like I never even typed that whole thing out. I have posts on blogger help… but I’m not getting very far there. They told me to enable 3rd party cookies so I did. That didn’t work. And now their saying that you probably have your comments blocked… but I can see that’s not the case either. I’m really bummed. I hope I can figure it out.

The problem really seems to lie with weather or not the blog has a pop out comment box, or right under the post comment box. I have no problems with the Pop out box, but on blogs with the comment box right below the post and it just won’t let me comment.

So Andy I just wanted to tell you that your collection is fantastic! And I have a black painting addiction too! Thanks for taking the time to share! I’ll keep reading and trying to comment!

Have a great day friends!!!


Interesting... My own blog doesn't have the pop out comment box... and I can't comment on it it either. :o(