Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cinch! with me, won’t you?

Ya’ll know I’m on this health kick… right? So… along with exercising daily I decided I really needed to take the whole eating right thing more seriously. But I have Crohns disease which makes “fad” “diets” a absolute no go for me. My food selections already come from a small group and I have to be careful how I use them. After 4 years I have really narrowed it down to what I can and can’t eat. So as I make this trip down Healthy Lane my selections get even smaller.

Unfortunately with Crohn’s the unhealthier and processed a food is… the easier it is on the system of a person with Crohn’s to digest. Fresh food is usually the root of all evil in a person with Crohn’s digestive tract. You can only stay healthy (meaning keep weight on) when you eat crap. It’s an evil double edged sword.

Well enough is enough because Crohns or not I’m finished with crap. Have been for 2 weeks now. Now I’ve decided it’s time to put a “meal plan” into effect. I do best when I have a plan to follow. I started researching menus, diets, nutritionists and so on… I’m obsessive. Trust me… I went over everything out there with a fine tooth comb until I found what I feel is the best plan out there. After 2 weeks of research I have narrowed my decision down to…


By Cynthia Sass


Why you ask? First off she’s a nutritionist. But mostly because her plan appealed most to my list of already “can eats” with Crohn’s. Another reason is that the plan teaches you to eat RIGHT! Her recipes are simple. Only 5 ingredients plus spices. I can’t cook that well so this works or me too!

The plan also starts off with a 5 day jump start detox but you get to eat REAL FOOD. Eggs, Spinach, Raspberries, Almonds and Yogurt. All on my can eat list! 5 days… shoot. I can do that EASY peasy! She provides all your recipes for the 5 day detox AND a 25 day meal plan to follow, again recipes provided.

I love it! It’s a good fit for me!!

Don’t get me wrong… I understand this is going to be a HUGE lifestyle change… But shoot… I’ve already changed hugely for 2 weeks with Salad and chicken breasts everyday and then I added in working out everyday! I can add a little variety to my bland meal plan with her yummy but healthy and fresh recipes and jump start it all with a detox!

I’m excited! I’m starting on January 24th. I was going to start next week but it’s my birthday on the 18th and I don’t want to miss that yummy birthday dinner.  January 24th is also the day I quit smoking 4 years ago (yay me!), the day I got my Crohns diagnosis 4 years ago (boo and yay), and the day that Tracy cat was rescued and returned to me by the grace of God and some kitty angels 3 years ago (Yay me, Yay Tracy!). As you can see January 24th is a special day for me so it just seems appropriate! :)

Joining me in my Cinch! endeavor will be my awesome co-worker, super duper cat sitter and healthy partner in crime… Amanda.

And my BFF for life Tammy.
(Been besties for 30+ years! ♥ her)

Ya better stand back… cuz we are gonna kick some very serious unhealthy butt over the next 30 days!


I’m posting about this now because I’m asking you to join me too! So many have posted and emailed about what they are doing or what they WISH they were doing. Well… I’m challenging you all. Join me in my quest for healthy!  If I can pick my lazy butt up off the couch and join a gym… you can join me in eating right! Go out… grab the book and do this with me on January 24th!!

Cinch! with me! Lets see how well we can do!

This is my challenge to YOU and ME for US!

Until next time…
Carmen and the Primcats


My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Wow.. This is awesome Carmen.. I am so proud of you!! You are going to feel so much better physically and emotionally. You go Girl!!

Luv ya ~Mom~

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

I wish you much luck! I know how you feel. I have GI issues as well and have to be careful what I eat (some days I live on the BRAT diet. So fun, not!). I've been surprised what I can eat. Every body is different. Just add it in little amounts so as not to totally overwhelm your gut. lol. Good times. :) I'm going to look into this Cinch stuff. Thanks for the links!

Geesha~from kindred primitives said...

Carmen...first off that is so funny about our shelves being the same, LOL! What can I say great minds think a like! By the way I love that your mom is so supportive! Good Luck!

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Good Luck Carmen!! Sounds like you are in the "zone".8-) Keep us posted on your progress.