Saturday, April 2, 2011

A sweet gift from a fellow blogger...

I have to apologize toDawn for the lateness of this post. I have only found time to write blog posts on the weekends lately. I'll do all weeks posts and set them on a schedule. I used to have a lot more time but lately it's just disappeard. So I wish I would have gotten ot his earlier... but alas the clock ticks away and I didn't get to it til now.

Last week, I recieved a wonderful gift from Dawn over at . Make sure you stop over and say hello! She sent me the sweetest little necklace and magnet!

Aren't they cute! What a wonderful treasure! The magnet is front and center on the fridge and the necklace is hanging in my car. I love it. It says God. Family. County. So sweet!

Thank you Dawn!

Until next time...
Carmen and the Primcats


rachel said...

What sweet gifts!

auntdeedee said...

Carmen, I'm so glad you liked them!! My weeks have become busy too and understand about the weekend thing! I'm trying to catch up on blog posts right at this moment! :) Have a great weekend!

Cabin Fever Primitives said...

"Just thinking of you gifts" are the best gifts. So sweet of Aunt Deedee to brighten your day and ours.