Friday, April 15, 2011

Last bit of shopping from Primitive Blessings and North Shore Primitives…

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a nice weekend!
I had a great weekend.  Went to the Gathered Treasures Show in Mansfield, Ohio on Saturday and saw so many beautiful prims I could barely contain myself! We got there pretty late. 2pm. but there was still so much left to see and drool over! I’ll post about Gathered treasures later. I still have to finish up last weeks trip!
So I wanted to show you the last little thing I bought. It’s a Honey and Me Bunny. Honey and me also makes the snowmen we are all so fond of. Jamie and I both got one of these little cuties at Primitives by Keith in Washington C.H., Ohio, about a block or so from North Shore Primitives. They don't have a lot, but the prices are really good. :) Do you remember my HUGE crow hanging on my Dining room door? That came from there too. If you go to North Shore Primitives spend some time walking around town. They have a lot of fun places to check out!
So any way…  remember the carrot I got from PB that Pam threw in to go with this gathering?
Hello cartoony carrot!
Well I replaced it with this more realistic one from NS.

Better right? And then I took the cartoony one and put it with the cartoony bunny! This guy. Who I forgot to take a picture of so I’m stealing this from what you are about to see below. Anyway… the cartoony carrot looks adorable with him. And he’s sitting in an enamelware strainer in the kitchen.
Now I didn’t want to leave Jamie’s haul out! Here’s her goodies from 2 Saturdays ago!
This huge Folk Art sign from a little shop in  Grove City. $9.99! DEAL!
She got three great bunnies!
This little guy came from North Shore Primitives! Isn’t her the cutest!
This little guy was thrown in by Pam at Primitive Blessings for Jamie’s table gathering. :) Thanks Pam!
And the Honey and me Bunny from Keith's Primitives.
0409011734aJamie also picked up 2 bags of maple tarts at North shore.
And she got this beautiful braided rug at Primitive Blessings fro $6.00! Deal!!!  
This Bowl was Jamie’s Major purchase of the day at Primitive Blessings. It’s gorgeous and and she only paid $28.00! WOW!!!
0409011736 0409011737 0409011738
Her other finds…
Aqua rug… $6.00  PB
Cute Jar with grass eggs nest and feathers. PB
2 Pot holders NSP
FREE smell goods from Pam at Primitive Blessings!

0409011739    0409011741b
Isn’t this jar adorable!
0409011741c 0409011742 0409011742a
And here is a close up of the smell goods! So cute with the nest!
Jamie also picked up a branch of these great greens.
She placed the square rug on her table, then the bowl, then the greens, then a HUGE 3 wick candle. It looks really good.
So there you have it… the completion of 2 weeks ago’s shopping trip!
Up next I’ll share our treasures from the Gathered Treasures show!
Until Next time…
Carmen and the Primcats


Carmen C. said...

LOL, I love all your silly bunnies! I just put some fake eggs into one of my blue glass jars and never thought to add any grass, I am loving how yours looks so I'm gonna do that;) Sounds like you had alot of fun shopping, I am waiting on this dumb shoulder to heal so I can head over to Ohio Amish country and do some shopping;)

dee begg said...


Looks like you both bought some neat goodies. TFS. Have a nice day.


Angela said...

love all your prim finds and the fact that you loved the little town and North Shore Primitives. Last fall we went to Berlin, Ohio but we are planning another trip in Sept. I hope North Shore will be top on our list. I have seen pictures and heard so much about the place. We will be driving over 800 miles, so I think this shop won't let me down. Thanks for sharing.

lilraggedyangie said...

looks like quite the haul ! Some great deals! Sorry I missed you Sat , we are just going to have to plan a get together someday soon! Enjoy your Monday !
lil raggedy angie

michelle said...

Great goodies you both got.I love your chubby bunny,what a cutie pie!And that braided rug!just beautiful and what a bargain!Her table looks so good with it on there!have a wonderful week sweetie!big hugs michelle

Green Creek Primitives said...

Love all your bunnies, my favorite is the black and white one. The folk art sign is neat and I love the bowl, have a thing for bowls, I just found two old painted bowls on my trip friday, thanks for sharing your trip and all your goodies. Vicky

earlene said...

It sounds like a great time!!!! I love the bunnies! You have great posts!
Are you going to Simple Goods in Mt. Vernon?