Friday, April 29, 2011

Beautiful Bonnets from Lecia

Ok ok... I'm sorry I kept you waiting on this for so long to... But here it is!

I finally decided that I like bonnets. I was iffy on them for a long time then I bought that crock bench at Gathered Treasures and I had a vision for the bedroom!

And all the sudden I HAD to have some bonnets!!

So I asked our wonderful Lecia at Farmhouse Prims to buy 3 bonnets or partial swap and she said sure! So here are my bonnets!

I am so happy with the rack but the bench needs tweaked again. For now here is what it looks like.


So beautiful! I love it. One blue, one mustard and one tan.

I picked up the Rack at the Simple Goods Show for $40.00.

It was $20.00 but I had just made a MAJOR purchase from the same person (You will see that tomorrow!) so she let me talk her down.

The basket and red flowers are of course GW finds. And I dried the oranges myself.


A side view...


Looking down my hall.

Like the screen door? LOL.

That is how I keep the Primcats from using OUR bed during the day, when we are not there, as their bed. They used to be aloud in there all the time but now it's only when we go to bed because I got tired of all the cat hair in my bed! They have plenty of other places they can spend their 18 hours a day sleeping... but it isn't in our bed!

Why a screen door you ask and not just a regular door? Because of air flow. It would either be super hot or super cold in the bedroom depending on the seasons with the normal door shut so I decided to make a door that would allow maximum airflow. I bought a regular door took the screen out and replaced it with chicken wire then painted it black. Tada!

Look at Chennifer staring at the new bonnets from the hallway. LOL! She was mesmerized!


A night view.


So I'm very happy with this wall right now.

Thanks to Lecia for the wonderful bonnets. I love them. So much!

Come back tomorrow to see my big Simple Goods buy!

Until next time...

Carmen and the Primcats


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Looks wonderful~ love the bonnets!!
Cute cats checking it out, Chennifer is into it!!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

I think it looks wonderful ~ love the bonnets!
I like the screen door idea. I need one of those to keep our dogs out of the bed, I don't like all the hair either but need the air flow!
Prim Blessings

rachel said...

I love your new bonnets & your screen door! I put up a screen door on my son's nursery to keep our cat out ~worked great! I really like your new bench too ~ it was a steal @ $10!

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

The Gathering of the Bonnets and the Crock Bench turned out Awesome!! Love the little dress hanging down sets the whole gathering of Bonnets off.
Nice addition to the Bedroom and you can see it threw the door everytime you walk down the hall ...that's cool!


rachel said...

I'm a dork~I thought it said $10! hehe Still it was a good deal - looks like a nice bench! :)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Lecia is a sweetie! We keep her busy! I have several of her bonnets! LOVE 'em!
The new shelf is perfect. I have been wanting one like that. I even bought the lumber--a year ago. Hubby told me when we cleaned the garage that it wasn't going to happen. I would be better off buying one. *sigh* I gave the wood to my son. He's going to make it into birdhouses! *sigh* Some day, I will find one! Marie has found me a blanket crane. I didn't think that would happen, either, but it will. She lives within driving distance! I will get to meet a blog buddy! Double excitement!

michelle said...

Looks beautiful!I love all the bonnetts Lecia makes.She surely does and amazing job!Love your new treasures as well.cant wait to see your big purchase.have a great weekend.big hugs michelle

TheRustyThimble said...

Wonderful pictures I love Lecias bonnets