Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Pie Safe and Pfaltzgraff Village…

I know you have all been waiting patiently… here it is in all it’s pie safe glory!

I love love love it! ♥

Sorry the pics aren’t that great… my camera was dead so I used me cell phone. At least you can see it!


We painted it black on the outside, then  distressed it, then stained the whole piece with Dark Walnut.


Hello Chennifer cat!
Stay out of mommy's pie safe! ;)


oesc If you can believe it, this was my first time ever staining a piece. I have finished a LOT of pieces but I have always used Old English scratch cover to do the darkening. If you don’t have this in your arsenal get some. It’s the bomb! So staining was a new experience for us. We did a pretty good job I think. The only part I’m not exactly pleased with is on the doors in the molding holding the pie tins on we weren't able to get all the stain out of the crevices and it dried shiny. Bummer. But I figure once the dust sticks to it you won’t even notice!!! LOL!

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The only thing I would change about the safe is that I forgot to have him put in two rows of of plate holders in the shelves. :( Really bummed about that. I might call him and see if I bring it to him if he can router it in there.  


You can also see my collection of Pfaltzgraff Village now. I have collected for a very long time from Goodwills only and I didn’t realize I had so many great pieces because they were stuffed here and there. I really like that I can look at them now.

So there it is! For $200.00 I couldn’t be happier!!!!
I can’t wait to decorate it for Christmas!

Until next time…
Carmen and the Primcats


Ann said...

Carmen, It's just beautiful! I love how the black paint with stain over it turned out. Your collection of Village looks very nice in it. What a great surprise when you had it all gathered! I often see Village pieces in GW, but never my Pfalztgraff Folk Art. ~Ann

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Carmen, what a wonderful piece, and price is wonderful as well!! Great job on the finish too!! Your collection looks so nice in it. It will be a wonderful piece to decorate. 8-)

Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Wow! Carmen,
That looks fab!!!!
I'm thrilled for you.

Kindra-At Home With K said...

Wow! It came out wonderful! Black was an excellent choice! Now I have to look into that Old English scratch cover. Is it found with the cleaning products?

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I love it! I see this pattern at Goodwills around here but have decided to NOT collect this. I have Fiesta ware, Pyrex and MarCrest and my Mother's Fire King from 1949.Gotta draw the line somewhere. I am starting to enjoy the search for pewter--lol.
I love the job you did on the pie safe. I am going to try the Old English. Used to use it back in the 70's as a furniture polish. Kids were little and well, our furniture was very used. Gave everything a nicer finish.

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Kindra - Yup... in the dusting area. I will post more about it later!

Ann and Linda... when you see those pieces at GW feel free to pick them up and send them to me! ;) Wink Wink!

Thanks Tish and Lorna! I love it too!!! And Hubby is head over heels for it as well. It's a great piece that we will have forever!

Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Carmen I LOVE your new pie safe - and it really shows off your collection. Beautiful piece!

Anonymous said...

its gorgeous!

At Home With Amy said...

Wonderful piece Carmen. It fits perfectly in your home. Your dishes look beautiful in it as well. I bet it will be fun to decorate for Christmas.
Enjoy your day,

renee said...

It looks great! I like how you finished it. Your dishes look very nice in there. Have fun decorating for the holidays!
Thanks for sharing.

Lydia said...

Carmen - love the pie safe and how pretty your dishes look inside. Never thought about Old English for staining.
Your kitty is precious - looks like he just waiting for the opportunity to jump in!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Carmen it is beautiful & your pretty dishes look amazing in there. You do have wonderful pieces. Precut square dowl rods at Lowes stained & glued to the shelves in front of the plates may work if he cant router it now. Blessings!

busybee said...

i love it! i am really hoping hubby makes me one for chrsitmas!

american girl primitives said...


It turned out so nice and you did a great job arranging your Pfalzgraff! I must try that Old English.

Anonymous said...

Your pie safe looks did an excellent job on this. I just painted one of mine and still have to stain it I think I am going to try the Old English scratch cover instead! I love visiting all the blogs there are so many great little tips and ideas. I have started a notebook there are so many.....and memory is not holdin" what she used to! LOL

Hugs to you,

The Prim Colonial said...

It looks wonderful! I know you will enjoy it!
Happy Thanksgiving! Beth