Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and your holiday table!!!

Happy early Thanksgiving friends! I hope you and your family's have a wonderful day tomorrow!

In honor of tomorrows day of thankfulness… and eating… I thought we could talk about our dishes! It’s a big focus of this holiday for me and I love setting the table up pretty with all my Pfaltzgraff Folk Art dishes!

I have so many Pfaltzgraff patterns but my fav is for sure the Folk art! 

I am addicted! Oh yeah… it’s real. I’m completely addicted to Pfaltzgraff Dishes!!!!

I collect so many different patterns it’s ridiculous! Geesh! Somebody should stop me!!!! At least I buy them all used!

I collect…

Folk Art

 Pfaltzgraff Folk Art


Pfaltzgraff Village


Pfaltzgraff Yorktown 


Pfaltzgraff Naturewood


Pfaltzgraff Grapevine  

I also collect Moss Rose China from my Shabby Chic days. It’s packed away but I still pick pieces up when I see them in the Goodwill and tuck them away. Someday I may display them again.


So to sum it up… I have way to many dishes!!!! 

What patterns and makers do you collect?

And in honor of Thanksgiving I’d love to see your dishes and your Holiday table setting! Post to your blog and show me your dishes!!!!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Wow Carmen...and I thought I had lots of dishes!
I had the YORKTOWN until 2 years ago and sold the entire set at my rummage tired of it after 30+ years.

But I too love to set different table settings.


Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I love dishes too and have 4 sets - though I just packed away most of my folk art dishes for my daughter. I did a post on dishes quite awhile ago...
but have since added some more to the mix. Some repor yellow ware and my newest is a neutral ivory set that goes with everything!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Carmen C. said...

Your dishes are beautiful Carmen, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours:)

american girl primitives said...

I've got my Yorktown on the table this Thanksgiving. I wish I could afford to get the Folk Art, my sister has that one.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Pretty dishes! I love Moss Rose China, so pretty how can you tuck them away! I know we are all prim, but China is still so pretty, special to my heart!
Happy Thanksgiving!

adsgram said...

Pfz. Village is my passion, and it sure is perfect for my fave season (Fall) and the Thanksgiving dinner. I have collected since the 70's This year I finally bought a set of all white dishes (no names from JC Penney). After 35+ yrs. I decided to go with something that I could "C-mas up" with my other collection...Avon's Cape Cod Ruby glass dishes. I may have a 'few too many' dishes, but I love them all!