Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas! Christmas! Where to even begin…


It is everywhere in this house!!!!! And I love it!

First… here is all my prim Christmas goodies. I laid then all out in the prim room so I could gaze at it for a week or two and let everything tell me where it wanted to go.

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Fun, right!

This year we have 4 trees in the house. One in the kitchen, one in the living room, one in the dinning room, and one in the bedroom. There is also a tree on the porch. So that’s 5 total Christmas trees! I don’t know why I ended up with all these trees… really it wasn’t planned… but I had them so up they went!

Last year was a really difficult year for my husband and I and we didn’t celebrate Christmas together. We were getting a divorce. I am very thankful that we chose a different path and came back together… so this year we are making up for it and enjoying every part of Christmas. We are both VERY MERRY this year!

To be honest I’m not even really sure where to start showing you this years Christmas decor! There is just soooooo much!

Lets start small… with the bedroom tree. It is what was the Halloween tree if you recall that. I moved it to the new washstand in the bedroom and decorated it for Christmas. It’s cute.


Our bedroom has always been the most neglected room in the house, and that’s fine with me. Less crap to dust in a room we spend very little alert time in. lol. I certainly have never bothered with Christmas in there so it is fun to have a touch of Christmas this year. I like it a lot and it will definitely be making a return in future years.



(Hmmmmmm…. I need something on that wall. A Christmas print maybe. It’s so bare! Isn’t it funny when you look back at your pics and see what’s missing or to much! LOL)

Decorated simply with wooden candy canes and Santa heads. Topped it with a snowman doll. Simple and cute.


Ok… there’s a start! Stay tuned! There is lots more to come!!!!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats


Laura said...

Hi Carmen, I'm very happy you joined to my blog and I love all your pim goods for Christmas. Wish you a very and special merry Christmas this year to you and your cats!

At Home With Amy said...

And a good start it is Carmen. I can't wait to see more. I just want to say that for what it's worth, I am very glad you stayed married to your husband. I don't know the situation that was causing you problems to bring you to the point of divorce but I know in the long run you will be blessed for keeping your family together. May you and your husband have many more wonderful Christmas's together!

Carmen C. said...

I am LOVING it!!!! That tree is wonderful! Can't wait to see the rest, you have lots of Christmas goodies to put out;)

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Beautiful Trees!
So many pretty/cute things to decorate with!

I am kinda like you I throw all mine out & start( I say it is my tornado christmas decorating!)

Nice that you & the Hubby decided to make it work, I like that! Way to go! I hope all is better than ever!

enjoy the decorating & can't wait to see more!

Christine said...

Hi Carmen! I really like you idea of setting out all your decor and then figuring out the best places for each piece! I'm going to try it rather than doing the same old thing!
Thanks for the inspiration!
BTW the tree in your bedroom looks fab!
Have fun!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Such a blessing that you are together this year. We have a similar story. Merry Christmas!

A Primitive Homestead said...

I wish you & your hubby the best Christmas ever. I think the bedroom tree is a great idea. My bedroom is the most neglected room. I need to follow in your steps & liven it up a bit. That dry sink sure was a great find. Your prim room looks like a Christmas store. Five trees! That sounds amazing & I cant wait to see them all. Blessings!

busybee said...

i love the start.. looks fantastic! i have a lot of trees also! i have 6 trees in the house...not including small ones! lol! so i understand the addiction! :)

Geesha said...

Carmen, I love that you sit all your Christmas decor out and LET THEM SPEAK to you!! I totally understand, I also get it when you talk about going through your pics, and are like GEEZ! That wall needs something, or GOSH! What was I thinking...if I put 1 more item on that shelf its going to topple over!! LOL! I am really glad that you and your hubby are going strong!! May You guys have the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!

renee said...

Carmen, I am happy that you and your husband decided to work things out! Marriage isn't always easy, but too many people throw in the towel, it's SO worth it to fight for it!
Love your trees! I would have to do the same, drag it all in, and I am trying to avoid that! LOL! I keep bringing in a few things here and there.Maybe you could put a nice sampler there on the wall.
Have a good evening,
God bless,

american girl primitives said...


Your posts make me smile. I think you're a lot like me maybe a few years ago. I'm not nearly as young! I love your trees, and I do the same thing that you do. My guest room had all my goodies laid out until I put them in their spots. I can't wait to see more.