Friday, December 16, 2011

A look back at Christmas trees past...

Hi Friends,

I did this last year... and I'm going to repeat it this year and add last years tree's to the end. I really get a kick out of looking back! I hope you do too!

I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my Christmas style, if you can even call the first few years “style”. lol!

The evolution of my Christmas style…

1996 – My first tree in my first apartment. I was 18. Made from the top of an artificial tree.



1997 – 1998 - 1999 








2001 – Shabby Chic days



2002 – More Shabby Chic



2003  - Blue before it was the “in thing”.



2004 – Still feeling blue in 2004.


2005 – The year the mini’s took over the tree. :/ I just gave up! LOL! Instead we had Christmas all wrapped up in a box. 


2006 – My first prim tree. Still love it! 


2007 – I finally got a twig tree.


2008 – Sorry for the blur. 


There was no tree in 2009 so here’s Katrina being absolutely adorable instead! :)



The living room tree…


The kitchen tree…


The dining room tree…


The bedroom tree…


That was fun! At least for me. :) I hope you at least got a laugh at all that shiny tinsel and the tree in a box! lol!

I’ve got the house all decorated and photographed and I’ll be posting This years Christmas soon!

Merry Christmas!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats


Carmen C. said...

It's amazing how our tastes change over the years, LOL, I too remember the tinsel on the tree every year, ugh:/ I love them all but your current tree in a box is my favorite:-D

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Carmen, I LOVED this post it shows how our taste does change. It was very cool tho see your different Christmas trees thoughout the year.
Nerry Christmas,

Angela said...

Such a great idea to photo your trees from year to year. Wish I had done that. I will never forget my tree the first Christmas Mr. P and I were married. EVERYONE would get a good laugh. Your post brought back some special memories. Can't wait to see pictures of your home. I know it's beautiful. Have a great weekend.

Raggedy Creations said...

That was fun for me too Carmen. So neat. I don't know if I have pics of all my past trees. A neat thing to do though.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Great post Carmen - but I see you still had good taste in your "blue" stage - I spy crocks under the tree! Amazing how something as traditional as a Christmas tree can go through trends to. Makes me wonder if, in a few years, we'll look back at the awesome twig/primitive trees and laugh too. Nah...You're right.....probably not..... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

bettyj said...

Enjoyed the changing of the trees. At least you got your blur tree. I never did. I always said when my kids grew up I would do an all blue tree. Now I use twig trees too. Merry Christmas

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

What a pretty scrapbook of Christmas memories. It's so nice that you have all of the photos to look back on.
Every year was delight to look at.
Merry Christmas!

Beckyjean said...

Hi Carmen~

Lovin that tree in the box!!

Have a great weekend~Becky

cynthia lee designs said...

Love this post!! I know my taste has changed over the years...think I need to get out pictures of past Christmas' to refresh my memory on what all our trees looked like.
Can't wait to see your tree for this year!!

jennifer768 said...

Carmen this was a fun trip back in time! Loved all the different trees but have to say that the prim trees are my favorite!Hugs,Jen

Firecracker Kid said...

Ahh, it's cool to see the transition to finally... primitive. LOL. Although all your other trees were beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing youngun! Merry Christmas! Carol