Sunday, December 18, 2011

~ Christmas in the Living Room ~

Hello Friends…

Time for some Christmas in the living room… our favorite room this year.


The tree corner.



I brought out all my goodwill firkins and placed them on my shelf with stars, pine and fake fruit.



My Meijer's Charlie Brown tree. Plays the song. I love it!


Reindeer from White Sheep Farms. Snowballs by me.


Goodwill Santa.


Goodwill picture.


Goodwill angel.


Christmas invitation from Pam at Primitive Blessings.


Good will wreath, Santa and wall box.



The Living Room Christmas tree…


This whole display was a major building process that took a while to get just right.

I made the Candy Cane’s and dehydrated the oranges. The garland is coffee stained cheese cloth. One large package that I cut length wise down the middle so I had two long pieces. The doors I have been collecting for a long time. I have 12 now and intend to build a wall in my basement like Kendra did.


Large Snowman and reindeer from Pam at Primitive Blessings.

Small snowman in the tree from Angie at Just a lil raggedy.


Tree topper from Stacey at Tattered n’ Torn Prims.


Candy Canes and oranges by me.

Adorable mouse by Becky at Primitives and Stichin’.


Burlap Stocking by Pam at Primitive Blessings. Love it! Added just what I needed to my door!


Walnuts and gourds by Stacey at Tattered n Torn Prims.


Goodwill gourd! The best kind!


Frosty intently watches over the tree to make sure no Primcats climb it. LOL!  The Tattle Tale in the tree helps too. (by his arm)


My Reindeer on my goodwill sled.

Another goodwill gourd in Frosty’s hand.


Skates from Gathered treasures show.

Mittens by Cheryl Fredrick.


I really hope you all enjoy this tree as much as we do. It’s much more primitive than I’ve ever done.


The over all effect is just wonderful in the living room. It glows and makes me smile!!!! Mr. Primcat and I just love sitting here staring at our beautiful tree.

I have also decided that I have no intention of taking it down after Christmas. I will remove the candy canes and add some other natural element in their place and leave it up well into the new year. Probably until February. I intentionally didn’t Christmas it up for this purpose. I really wanted something that could weather the winter as decoration and not just Christmas.


To the opposite side now…



My critter shelf with my handmade snowballs.




All from the goodwill… Rocking horse, Folk Santa, tree and crock.


By the fireplace…


Tree Mouse from Cindy at Cynthia Lee designs.

Reindeer from Pam at Primitive Blessings.

Sheep from Goodwill.


Isn’t he adorable! Thank you again Cindy!!!!


The fireplace…


Santa… I can explain… ;)




Snowballs and bells in the garland…


Winter wishes to you my friends…

(from the goodwill of course.)


A roaring fire.



Snowman head by Lil’ Raggedy Angie. ♥ him.

Mitten by Pam at Primitive Blessings.



More tomorrow!

Merry Christmas!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


Judy said...

Wow, Carmen! Your living room decor is prim perfect! LOVE the tree corner!! Your hard work paid off. Can't wait to see more! I want to shop at your Goodwill. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


jennifer768 said...

That is one amazing room!I love the huge snowman and the reindeer! Your tree is prim perfect.Awesome job! Hugs and Christmas Blessings,Jen

PrimHearted said...

Your living room is gorgeous! I love the old doors behind the tree..makes a perfect backdrop for that prim perfect Christmas tree!

earlene said...

OMG Carmen and Shanes your living room is so COZY!!!! Your tree style with the doors behind it looks GREAT!!! I love how you did everything in that room. I think it is so neat how you let people know where you found items. You have one great Goodwill cause I usually can't find such goods. All your other decos are perfectly prim too.
Wonderful treat to see.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Carmen your house is like a magazine. I love your tree vignette with that big snowman and the doors in the back. I really like the shelf too with the stars. I really just love it all.

Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

Oh my word. Your corner with the old doors is outstanding. That snowman is FAR OUT! I love him and the deer!
He's huge!!! WOW>>>>

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow, wow, and MORE wow....You really outdid yourself Carmen - it truly is amazing! That tree is absolute prim perfection - the decorations - oranges and cheesecloth and added touches - the doors - the snowman and reindeer and sled. Magical. And the rest of the room is equally gorgeous - love the displays and touches above the fireplace. And, really, that rocking horse came from GW too? Yikes. A treat well worth waiting for - it reflects a ton of thought, creativity, and hard work. Hope you can relax and enjoy it now. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Jennifer said...

everything looks wonderful!!!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Fun, Fun, Fun....I love it all Carmen.
You did this up great. And the doors are a perfect backdrop for the setting.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Blessings and Merry Christmas

deb said...

HOLY MOLY I LOVE it all...and that tree...TO DIE FOR!!!!!!

I want that little tree mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all of it looks perfectly prim!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just love your home and how you will get to leave your tree up all winter. I would like to do that but I just don't have the room. Everything looks spectacular as always. It does take time to tweak everything and look at it and tweak some more but it is worth it in the end.
Love all of the prim goodies that you have displayed for Christmas, especially the mice things.
Hope to see more of your home again soon.
Country at heart

Primsue said...

Great job Carmen. I love your tree and the way you have framed it with the old doors.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Gosh, Carmen I thought yesterdays pictures were beautiful (they are)
these are magnificent too.
I like the way you framed the Christmas tree with the vintage doors, also. And her name is Primsue,
how about that;two Sue's that like you!
Merry Christmas,

Angela said...

Oh my Gosh Carmen, You have me hunting a corner in my great room. I mean one that is not full and I don't have one. Mr. P has many old doors. I simply drooled over that Tree Corner. Could not be more perfect. Wonder if I could just sell my piano and then I would have the perfect spot. Seriously , you put me to thinking. Love all the decor in that room. That big snowman is awesome. Have a great evening looking at that tree. I am not taking my german twig tree down right after Christmas.

myomyohi said...

Looks great. I LOVE the big snowman by the tree.

Ann said...

Carmen, I LOVE how your living room looks - just one question - how does it look in the morning? Or do you lock everyone out of that room? I know that every morning I have to redecorate the tree due to my 2 little furbabies!

Your use of the doors to frame the Christmas tree is ingenious. ~Ann

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

okay I am in love with your prim tree and snowman..I have that pattern and guess I need to make him..he is wonderful..that is my favorite corner with the doors it all..but that is my favorite..;)well done sister.;)

cynthia lee designs said...

Love your tree in the corner with the old doors!! Your primitive tree is the snowman and the reindeer on the sled. Cheryl's mitten are so cute too,
Love how you displayed my Christmas tree mouse and I see that he has a couple of wonderful prim friends. Love Angie's large snowman head...he is so cute.
What can I say...I just love it all!!

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Carmen: Your tree corner is gorgeous! Love all of your prim holiday displays. My goodwills aren't as great as yours, it seems...or I'm just not hitting them right??
:) patti

Beckyjean said...

Love your tree corner Carmen!! It is prim perfection!!

Enjoy your evening~Becky

Pam at Antique or Not said...

Carmen, everything is just beyond amazing! Girl, you have some exceptional Goodwills in your area, just sayin'! LOL


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Everything looks amazing.
Seriously amazing.
Your tree display is breathtaking.
That snowman by the tree is awesome!
Love all your goodies.

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh darlin', I'd leave that out all year too. That's a big and bold statement for the holiday. I love the old doors and those old windows on your mantel. Will we be seeing your home in a magazine one day?

Stacy said...

Everything looks so prim and cozy! I love the tree, soo worth the effort :)
Christmas Blessings~Stacy

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Carmen~ Love it all~ Prim perfect corner~ Looks Awesome~ Fantastic decorating~

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Wow, Carmen! Your Living room is gorgeous. I especially Love the corner with the old doors, your tree, snowman and sled.
What a wonderful idea to keep the tree up into the New Year with a winter theme. Thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

OMG!!! The tree corner is stunning. Please can I send you a wish list and cash to shop for me?? I never ever find jugs or crocks at my goodwills!! I will gladly send cash if you will shop for me!!!!
Your house is stunning!! You have an amazing talent for staging your home and your decorative pieces!! I think you should submit an ideal for a primitive style decorating show for HGTV!! I would tune in daily!!!
Hugs and Merry Christmas!

Ohio Senergy Boosters said...

Carmen, I LOVE IT. Will you come decorate my house please? No wonder you dont have time to scrapbook any more. I just found this blog today. I had seen it on your FB postings but thought it was a link to a store you buy your stuff at. But no, it's your own home. Wow. I love it all. Great job.

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I have worked for Goodwill for 17 years, at a retail location, and I must say that Christmas is my favorite time of year. You have made some excellent finds! Most of the fun finds are gone until we are off the clock. It's okay though, as long as things find a good home.