Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kitchen Art

To the left of my hutch with my Aqua Ball jars and my Moss Rose China is one of my favorite little gatherings in the house. The only thing in it that didn't come from the GW is the framed Friends picture.

The shelf and most of the accessories came from the GW as is.

The two turned sconces were plain wood when I got them. I'm sure you have all seen these at the thrift stores. They are pretty common. I painted, distressed and stained them. They came out so nice.

The little primcat... she was a "not so prim" fabric cat of country baby blue and peach. I painted her up with tan and then sanded her stitched face back out to show. She came out really cute! My mom made the candles. She makes the best primitive candles!!!! If you need some... make sure you hit up her store.

The picture I got that at our local Ace Hardware for half off whatever it was at the time. It's one of my favorite pics in the house. It's hard to tell in those first pics but it even inspired the whole paint technique in the kitchen. This was the first wall gathering I put together in there when I was switching from Shabby Chic to Primitive/Country/Americana. (I love a lot of styles!)

If you look into the background of the friends picture you will see where my paint technique came from. I put up the gathering on the wall to try and figure out where I wanted to go with the colors. I have horribly pink counters that I was trying to get away from and I was desperate for something else in the room to inspire me after taking away all the pink, white, and roses. It worked! I love how it turned out!

Just for fun... heres another older version of that gathering. It was fun to look back through pics and see it change throughout time.


Anonymous said...

looks just perfect!

The Evans Family said...

You need to show off you living room! My favorite! Show off that cat door too!

TheKeepingroom said...

Sweet gathering!

Kindra said...

There is a hardware store close to my hometown that has a prim section also. :) Fun! Love those sconces, they look soooo good in black!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

anybody who loves cats and decorates with them I must follow..I love your mason jar those old jars and I love your garden beds and your kitty inspecting the tomatoes..:)

Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

Hey Carmen! Thanks for joining my blog. I love your jars, how wonderful. What I can see of your home is very lovely. I'm adding you to my blog list too!!

KKL Primitives said...

Your prim grouping looks wonderful! I love that shelf and the sconces!!!!