Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thrift Store Thursday Part 2

I know you can't take any more.... but I have more!

This adorable little breadboard also doubles as a lazy susan. I intend to make it into the base of a shoofly gathering I'm working on! It will look adorable with the screen on top and some pantry cakes inside. It was only $3.00

$ 3.00 A cute little shaker box! This will be changing colors and I might even make a little stool out of it. There is a picture of one exactly like it in the Rolling Acres Craft show pics! It's red with legs. Go see if you can spot it! It's adorable.

I love this little spinner. It was $3.00 and the old blue masons were $1.00 each. I keep going back and forth... should I paint it should I not. I can't decide... so there it sits. I think I'll bring it out this week to the kitchen table and fill some jars with some kitchen goodies. See if it speaks to me.

A HUGE cranberry scoop! 4.00 Love it! If I don't keep this... my mom will be all over it for her shop! It's really BIG!
A set of curtains. 1.99x4 Two long side panels and two valances! I think these might look good tea stained in the dining room with my new Pfaltzgraff Folk Art collection. :o)
A cute little Autumn wreath. $2.00 Needs some serious straightening... but it's headed to the front door for fall!
The cutest little Primitive Bird in a gourd you have ever seen! $ .50

$1.00 ea These are for Christmas. I love homespum christmas stuff!
Ooooooo! This one is GOOD! $3.00 It Says Mahon Pottery. I don't think it's worth anything... but I sure do love it! It found a home in the entry way already.

Two cute little gingerbread thingies. 1.00 each Probably turn these in christmas somethings.
$2.00 This is a gift for my Step mom. She collects this pottery so I nabbed this for her.
A great little compote. $3.00 Definetly gonna prim this one up in black. It's big and bold and will look adorable with seasonal ornies and tucks in it.

$.50 each Just some cute little tin stars!

Ok friends... that's all from last week! I already have a new pile from this week so keep an eye out next week for my fun finds!

Until next time... Carmen


Carmen C. said...

Hey Carmen, Carmen here, LOL ! WOW! You got yr.self some awesome stuff there!!!! That coffee grinder for $1.50, what a steal, and I do like the live, love laugh shelf, I agree too, some light sanding is really all it needs:)

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Look at all those goodies! I am just loving that cranberry scoop, wish i could find one!