Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thrift Store Thursday Part 1

As I have already confessed I'm a thrift-a-holic... and now you are going to see just how much I wasn't kidding. :o)

Below are last weeks goodies...

Found this all in one day. Jackpot Tuesday!

Below... the jar, the cat and the wood citrus thingie were all $0.50 each. I think I'll try grunging the jar with modgepodge and spices. I'll probably paint the little kitty and make her into a bowl filler. I'll stain the wood with coffee stain to make it look old and used.

The Basket was $1.00 and it is really cute. The handles are ceremic. I'll prob coffee stain this so it's not so bright. It's really a nice table piece in my Americana-ish Living room.

Rug Beater... $0.50 Very good find. Not sure what will happen with this piece. I really don't do hearts but I couldn't pass it up at 50 cents!

I thought this would be adorable with some fall stuff in it in the front entry. Maybe some leaves and small pumpkins or gourds. It was $1.00. It may stay white... or it may get stained.

This Live, Laugh, Love Shelf was the bargin price of $ 2.50. If I can knock the shine off this with some fine grit sand paper I *might* keep it and put it in or master bath. Or I could prim it with black and use it in the laundry room. If not... it's definetly something my mom can use in her shop.

This adorable little box is perfect as is for $1.00! Already primmed and distressed!

The coffee grinder was 1.50 and I probably won't keep this. My mom will be happy to have it for her primitive shop though! It will look adorable in a kitchen gathering once she prims it!

Prim Sunflower Towels $0.99 each. Went straight into my laundry room. :o)

$2.00... not really something I would usually pick up because of the heart... but it was sooooooo darn cute! I think the checkerboard pattern overode the heart patter. I really like it. Don't have a place for it... but I like it.

Hook board $1.50. This is going into the laundry room, maybe a is... maybe painted black. Haven't decided. It's really sturdy though and will do well to keep my swiffers off the ground.

2.00 Each. I'm a HUGE cat art collector in all forms. I already had one of these... but I couldn't pass it up!
$.50 and 3.00 I have no idea why one is so mych more than the other. They look the darn same to me! I don't know if I'll keep these ot not. I don't do hearts... but my aunt loves the heart rug beaters so she might end up with these.
3.00 Awwww.... rusty little piggie pie rug beater! He's staying!

$.50 each Gonna take the plastic out of these for sure and then stuff them into a crock in the kitchen.

Ok... that's some of my goodies! Come back this afternoon for part 2!!!

*hanging head in shame that there is a part 2*


Until later... Carmen


Black Sheep Lisa said...

Have no shame girl, you have some awesome finds there!!!

Wanda/Ridge Farm Nesting Place said...

Hold that head up girl!! Great finds!! Hope you show what you do with them..

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love all the stuff you got..great bargains should hang your sign on your front door or the front of your house.:)