Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mason Mania…

On the heels of Andy sharing her lovely Mason Jar collection… I thought I would share mine.

In the mornings… when you come into the kitchen, the sunlight hits them just right and they look so pretty. A bright burst of aqua green to say good morning to.

My love of Blue Masons started not long ago… just a few years really. The farmer who our road was named after passed away and the house was put up for sale. I couldn’t help but take a peek inside the old shed on the property that was overgrown with weeds and had trees growing through it's walls. Old buildings like that just scream EXPLORE to me! Most of what was inside was just dirty ol’ trash… but peeking out of the dirt and dust under pile of old rolled up carpet… half buried in the soil… was one perfect blue Ball mason jar. :o) I dug it out of the ground and that began my love of masons.

My masons sit atop a hutch in the kitchen that also holds my Moss Rose china collection. A stepback to my Shabby Chic decorating days that I just haven't been able to bring myself to let go of. I love that china. I'm sure someday soon I'll pack it up and say good bye to it... but until I can bring myself to that point it shall just stare back at me in all it's pink and gold glory.

I’ve been collecting for a few years now. What you see atop the hutch is the majority... but there are more scattered here and there throughout the house that you will see later. And most of my jars have come from the thrift store for $.50 to $1.00. I pick them up here and there over time. My mom has given me a few and my stepmom gave me one. Building my collection and displaying it such a fun challenge that I intend to continue for years to come. Carmen

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Anonymous said...

love your jars.. I have some atop my cabinets probably about 5 or so blue ones, I like the blue ones best cause they are more unique :) I say keep your mossy rose china, its lovely.. and all that matters is you love it! :)
Your blog looks great! Keep posting, cause I'll keep a reading!