Monday, August 24, 2009

I saved the best for last...

More eye candy...

This Booth was full of nothing but beautiful painted windows! What an artist!!!! And a steal at only $45.00 each!

The Americana one in the top of this one was my fav!

Ok... I have saved the best for last!

This womans work was the most beautiful art ever!
I so wish I had this kind of talent. I am in awe.
Do you see how cute that tool box is!!!!
And this chair was adorable!!!

We spent a ton of time in this booth!

The deatil she put into her work was amazing!

More goodies!

This end table was incredible. Stunning!!! I think it was already sold... there was no tag on it.

This Dresser was sooooooo beautiful! The time and effort put into this were amazing! It was perfect in every way. It was sold... but I would have loved to have owned it! It was only $150.00!!!! Super deal!

More beautiful painted art...

Just look at this painted window!

Another dresser.... er... I mean... piece of art!

Last but not least... This little set of mason Jar salt and peppers and a toothpick holder were so cute!

I hope you enjoyed your trip through the craft show with me as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.

Until we meet again...


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Carmen, all you do is spray the oven cleaner on your furniture and set it in the sun. Make sure it's sunny. Then use a paint scraper and start scraping before the oven cleaner dries. It took us several coats and steel wool to get this paint off. I have also used commercial stripper on old doors. Either way takes patience and elbow grease. If you need anything else give me a holler.

What a great craft show. I've never heard of it.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the pics, almost like I was there! Thanks for sharing! ;) GREAT STUFF!

Carmen C. said...

Hi Carmen! My name is Carmen too ( I go by Carmen C. here in blogland) Wow that looks like a fun place to be shopping, I've never seen dressers painted like that, how beautiful! Those painted windows are great too. Hope you have a wonderful day:)

Wanda/Ridge Farm Nesting Place said...

Hey Carmen, great pictures of the craft show...sure wish I could have been there. Love those windows!!
Have a great week :)

lilraggedyangie said...

hey carmen , yea Im posting on a way old post just nosing , hope I get to see you next weekend , Rachel and I will be set up at this years fall rolling acres show , horse alley booth 28,29 ! Hope you are well , you been MIA for awhile! hugs lil raggedy angie