Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Christmas Treasures from Jamie

Hi Friends,

Another day has come... Blah. Can I just close my eyes for 3 months and wake up when this is over?

I am frustrated. I know that the healing process is not fast by any means but I can't see my flipping computer screen unless I blow things up. This is not a problem when working on the internet because of the fancy zoom feature... but I work in Quickbooks and Access all day and there is no way to just blow the words up. It is going to be a long 3 months of healing. :(

On a good note... when my eyes aren't being fickle I can see far. That is good news. :)

The pain is tolerable though I can not say I have had a moment of peace since I got my PRK done. I can't even sleep through the night as I have to wake up and put drops in my eyes because they get so dry. I don't schedule the wake up... it just happens. So I'm cranky and tired.

But most of all I'm sick and tired of hearing myself complain! LOL! There isn't much more I dislike than a complainer. I'm just tired of having nothing good to say a the moment because well... I'm pretty miserable right now and the forseeable future looks pretty bleek too. I know it will get better. But getting through this part is so hard. So wah wah wah to me! LOL! Done complaining for the day!

Appointment today at 1:30 and looking forward to better news than what the last appointment brought! Wish me luck!

Still sharing Christmas Pics... Geesh I got so far behind!

These are presents from my sweet friend Jamie. She's my shopping partner in crime.

She went out and found a lady in our area who has a little prim shop and had her make up something for me for every season! Awesome right? She's the best!

Here we have... A HUGE pumpkin and crow for the hoarder!


Look how detailed and grungy that flower is!






The best  crow ever!



The best Turkey Ever!


A bee skeep!


 A bunneh!


And carrots!


How fun is all that?!?!

Gotta go... Just realized the time and I do't want ot be late for my appt!

Until next time...

Carmen and the Primcats


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Wonderful prim goodies and good luck with your appt, this time!


cynthia lee designs said...

Great prim goodies!!
Hope the appointment goes well.

Raggedy Creations said...

Hope you are feeling lots better soon Carmen.


Jessie Ann said...

Love, love all the prims!

Good luck at your appointment!

Cheryl said...

Love all the prims! Hope you get a good report on your eyes today.
Blessings and Hugs,

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Awesome gifts! Love that witchy crow. I hope you feel better soon. :-)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh I love all of the goodies for the seasons.what a wonderful friend in crime..I hope you get good news on the appt today.;)

Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

Hang in there, Carmen! I'll be sending some good thoughts your way!

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Poor kid! Wishing you peace & patience as you heal - gotta be tough! Love your prim goodies! ~*~Lisa

Carmen C. said...

Thinking of you as you recover and sending love and (((HUGS))) your way! Love all those goodies and those ice-skates are so adorable!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot on all those prim goodies your friend gave you. I love all of it, especially the pumpkin and crow. Hope your eye appointment goes well.
Country at heart

Never So Simple said...

I hope your Dr visit was better today. I can't imagine trying to work and having my eyes acting crazy.

Love all your new goodies.


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Carmen:

What a friend!! The turkey and the bunny are my favorites.
I'm so sorry you are going through this ordeal. I don't think you expected to suffer like this and I hope it doesn't take 3 months to be alright. I'll wish your eye pain away!

Traci said...

Evening Carmen...Hope it was good news from the doctor today. Love all your goodies from Jamie, you pumpkin hoarder you, LOL..

Back to the eyes, I'm not good at dealing with eye problems...I feel for you. When my daughter was about 1 1/2yrs. she literally stuck her toothbrush (the bristle end) in my eye. I couldn't see to drive for 4 days, hurt so bad, heck I couldn't even keep it open, LOL. (Good thing she was a baby ;)

Hugs and hopes that you feel better soon, Traci

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Awesome goodies!!!
I hope the next 3 months fly by for you!
Hang in There!
Prim Blessings