Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Decor vs. Christmas Decor…


I’ve been trying to decide when to move in to my Christmas Decor. I really want to start Christmas the first of November but everyone keeps telling me to leave my fall decor up through Thanksgiving.

What are your plans?


Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Thanks for your input on the candles.
I always wait until Thanksgiving weekend, usually that Sunday afternoon when hubby is glued to the TV. I love my fall stuff. I don't do Halloween, per say; just fall in general. That way I can put it out in September and leave it up til after Thanksgiving. I decorate winter throughout the house and that includes lots of little trees with winter decorations--mittens and skates, stars, cardinals, snowflakes, icicles, candles. I leave it all up until March when the spring comes out. I don't decorate for the holidays, but for the seasons. So, no Easter bunny or Santa or Jack-o-lanterns. Now that we are older, it makes it a lot easier.

A Primitive Homestead said...

I love to decorate for fall & Christmas. Fall is September thru November here at the homestead. Christmas is from Thanks Giving night until I am ready to put it all way. I hate to do that because it always seems so pretty. I never put my nativity scene away. It is in my kitchen entry on the pie safe all year round. During these two seasons there is the reminder of so much to be thankful for. First all the bounty of crops harvested & next the amazing celebration of the real reason for the season Jesus. I finished a scarecrow makeover today & posted it on my blog. I love how it turned out & was thinking how I will hate to put it away for Chtistmas today. I keep my white pumpkins out for Christmas & we call them snow pumpkins. You should decorate for each season as you like & for the time period that brings your heart joy. Blessings!

adsgram said...

I decorate for Fall starting around when school starts. It stays up right through til Thanksgiving. I do put out some H-ween items for the grandkids (and ME, too!) Then after Trick or Treat all H-ween is down and up go my T-giving things. Christmas gets started the weekend after T-giving and is up til just after the New Year. I love it all and want to enjoy each as it comes.


Hillcresthome Prims said...

I first want to thank you for your kind wirds on my blog and that you staed you will be praying for me do to my surgery I am having Nov.1st. That meant so much. I noticed that there are really good people with BIG hearts out there that do care and wish others well.

I told my husband and he even said it was so kind and from the heart!

I LOVE the picture of your beautiful cat, and we have 3 little poodles one is my MIL's sadly she is no longer with us it will be 3 years Nov. 5th I took care of her for over 3years she was a mother to me, and my husband Ken and I and the boys miss her more than ever!

I LOVE to decorate for Christmas. Christmas time is my FAVORITE time of holiday!!!!

The lights, the baking and cooking , curling up near the fireplace, the holiday old movies just everything! Just being with my Husband and our 2 sons, one 19 in College and our baby will be 16 in December, they grow up to fast!!!!!!

Prim Blessings to you friend,