Thursday, October 14, 2010

Answering some questions…

Crock Lids… I have lots of them. =)
Linda asked if I made them.
No. I did not.
Believe it or not… they are ALL Lazy Susan's purchased from the Goodwill. I repurposed them and now they have a new life as lids. They cost only a buck or two a piece. They do not have knobs but you could easily add knobs if you wanted to. If it’s wood and round you can make it into a lid.

Next question, Ann asked about cat litter.
We use Fresh Step Scoopable. It is the ONLY litter that actually stands up to 14 cats in odor and clumping standards. We have 6 homemade oversized litter boxes. We made them out of large clear Sterilite Boxes. Rubbermaid boxes work well too. We just cut a square out of the side and leave the lids on. They work great!
So, yes Ann… our cat litter bill is huge. LOL! But we make do by buying in bulk when litter is on sale. Target, Petsmart and Menards are the best places to get good deals.
It also helps that we built a 2,100 square foot cat enclosure off our house and they love to go potty outside in the grass. And we love that they love that. ;) But in the winter when they don’t want to go outside we go through litter like toilet paper.
Ann also asked about how we store our home made raw meat cat food. Yes, we raw feed our cats and have for 4 years. You can read about that HERE (CLICKITY CLICK HERE) . Please read it if you have cats. It could save their lives.
We store our raw chicken cat food mix in 2 freezers in our garage. We make enough at a time for  2 months of food so we only have to grind food 6 times a year.
Here is a pic. They eat one 5 pound container per day.  Yes it is WAY cheaper to feed this than any manufactured cat food on the market. And yes it is much healthier than any cat manufactured food on the market.

Until next time…
Carmen and the Primcats


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

What a wonderful idea for crock lids.
Im going to have keep an eye out for lazy susans at GW.
WOW!! 14 cats!! I only have 2 and they are a hand full, I don't know how you do it. :)
Take Care,

Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

OMGosh... 14 kitty kats! Bless your heart:) We've had cats all of our married life and that's going on 33 years now. Currently we have seven. Their God's gift to us. So do you make your own cat food?

I've got you entered in the giveaway. Good luck lil lady:)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Thank you for sharing that information. I will be on the lookout for lazy susans! We go to Goodwill pretty regularly and I never gave them a thought.
We have 9 mini-dachshunds so I can't say 14 cats is too many. We have had numerous cats in the past and I know we will have them again in the future! Fresh Step is the best. Cleaning the box is not!
I'm curious, too. Do you make your own catfood? Is that dry? Do you have to thaw it out? What is it? Do they all eat out of one dish? Our dogs won't. They each have their own and know which one it is!

Ann said...

Carmen, Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! I use the same kind of cat liter, just wondered if there was something out there that is better. I always register the points on the inside of the package to get the free box a couple times a year - you probably get them once a month! 5 Pounds of food per day! WOW!!! Thanks again. ~Ann

A Primitive Homestead said...

I have a thing for crocks. I love them! I have one lid with a knob & it was for a basket. Your idea would be much cheaper & looks amazing. Thanks for sharing! Blessings! I have 6 furry cats & have been told it is to many but I love them all.