Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What I didn’t buy at the Springfield Antique Show…

There was SOOOOOOOOO much I would have liked to buy but didn’t or just flat out couldn’t…

Like this amazing stack of firkins! $895.00. Wowsa. I’d love them in my home… but I think I’ll stick to my thrift store ice bucket Firkins and Good Will cookie jar Firkin make over’s instead! LOL! I would NEVER in a billion years spend that much money on those, no matter how much I love them.
Next up is something I should have bought because I really DO want them and this is the only place I have seen them at a decent price.
Two Beautiful and HUGE trenchers! Loved them! $90 for the big one $80 for the small. I like the smaller… Wish I would have gotten it. I’m kicking myself for leaving that behind! Kick Kick!
A random pic I took of some farm stuff to send to hubby. That’s the big saw I ended up getting him. 
Another item I’m kicking myself over. A set of Folk Art Canisters. He had them at $75.00 and marked them half off to $37.50. I asked him if he would take $30.00 and he got kinda pissy with me over my offer so I walked away. It *IS* a flea Market after all and every other vendor I bought from either offered themselves to take less when I was paying or accepted my lower offer without a second thought. He was just rude so I walked away. Now I’m mad for not getting them. LOL! I was buying them for my step mom as a gift and she would have loved them. Oh well. Maybe he’ll be back for the fall show and still have them and maybe he’ll take my offer then!
FYI: I was rather disappointed that this was the only Folk Art I saw all day sans one other cookie jar (I already have 2 of them anyway) that was ridiculously priced at $150.00. Um… no.
This BEAUTIFUL butcher block. DARNIT! I really loved this and it was only $350.00. I’m sure they would have come down on it too. I passed it up because we saw it early in the day and I was saving my monies for that hopeful piesafe find. Now… I wish I would have gotten it. It would have made the best island in our kitchen!
A cute little crow shelf.
Another Kick. I was going to buy this cabinet. It wasn’t perfect but it was Cheap. He only wanted $125.00.  I loved it but passed it up again because I wanted a pie safe and was holding out until I walked the whole show.
My bestie for life, Tammy, was also at the show with her husband and kids and later in the day at closing time she texted me she had found the best cabinet ever for $100.00. It was the one I wanted. LOL! Funny how we have the exact same taste. At least I still get to see it in her house!

Tammy also got this cute little Pear Crow tree.

My friend Jamie got a cool 8 gallon crock for $20.00, a fake firkin for $5.00, a huge washboard for $10.00 and some other goodies.

Over all it was a great day! I highly recommend going if your are anywhere around Ohio. It’s worth it!


Carmen C. said...

WOW Carmen, they had some great stuff there and love that stack of firkins but agree with you on the price, holy cow,that would make our house payment for a couple months!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

HI Carmen!
WOW!! Springfield looks WONDERFUL! Even though I am a born and bread Ohio girl...can you believe I have NEVER been there! I MUST make it one of these times. The stuff looks super!
Thanks for your visit today! Great to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carmen!!!!! Thanks for coming by my blog and following me.I love the pictures you have of all the prim goodies,But I'm with you on the frickin price no way here either..I have a stack but they are all ice buckets & other ones I found at yardsales.....I'm now a follower of yours too...Hugs Maria

colonialhomestead said...

Love that butcher block. I would love to have it and a cabinet like the one Tammy got. There is one in an antique shop close home. Top doors missing / bottom doors stick. Missing handles. A hole in the side. Asking price is $375.00. Tammy got a great deal. If she gets tired of it maybe some day she will have a yard sale you can buy it at.

Kady said...

Been to that show a number of times but wow, the prices sure have increased! Don't kick yourself too hard for things that you left. If you're meant to have them, the chance will come again to buy them. If not, something even better will come along. Great photos!

Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

Sorry you missed my booth as well.I would have loved to met you.
I walked around the show several times and didn't see the items you have pictured.
It's abig show, and very difficult to see it all.
Enjoy the goodies you bought!
Have a great day,

Barbara Shores said...

You all ore so verrry lucky ... We have nothing like that up here in the high desert of SoCal. Thinking of movin' to TX. Got to get out of CA. Oh well that's another story.
Love the 'Pear Crow Tree' too. Hmmm, I have never been on a Harley, Just those crazy dirt bikes ... many years ago ... it was great fun.
Much Peace & Blessings, ;o) Barb