Friday, May 7, 2010

Under the weather… over the moon…

Hello Friends!
I hope this week has brought good things to everyone.
I have been under the weather this week. I woke up last Sunday morning with a mean ol’ sore throat and as the week progressed it has only gotten meaner. I’m not sure if it’s a cold or strep or allergies but whatever it is I sure wish it would pass. I have so much to unpack and redecorate still and I’m not getting much accomplished running on empty.
Now for the over the moon part! I am completely over the moon at being back in Primcats House. Being gone from your home for 6 months makes you look at everything so differently! A fresh perspective! So inspired that I just had to go out last Saturday and hit my favorite prim shop, Home Haven, and have a little shopping spree!  Good thing I didn’t go to the Sereph! LOL! I would have been in HUGE trouble there!
I haven’t really placed anything yet, as I said I’ve been under the weather but here’s my goodies!
A cute little Firkin for the top of my “still in progress” stack. You can’t really tell because of the pink counters (also on the chopping block. Ha!) but it’s a dark red. Adorable!
A nice small Primitives sign.
A hand forged TP holder. LOVE it!
A new bench to go with the new kitchen table!!! Love Love it!
(Hello Kitteh!)
A wall bowl/crock Shelf.
(I can not wait for my Pie Safe to be done to replace that Hutch!!! It’s going to look so much better!)
A very nice Chest! Love it! It was such a steal! It was Priced at $180.00 and she gave it to me for $52.00 because it had been there for so long! It’s in my closet now and I’m using it to store sweaters in.
I also got a three tier Bowl Rack that I forgot to snap a picture of but it’s similar to this but for bowls.

And last but NOT least by any means… a beautiful new tv stand!!! WOOHOO!!!!
Yeah Yeah… I splurged… But I couldn’t help it. I hadn’t bought a single thing in 6 months and I had to catch up! WooHoo!!!
So there’s all my goodies for this week. I’m been back to Goodwilling again too but with the house still being mostly packed in plastic boxes… I haven’t really bothered to take pics or anything. I’m hoping to make some progress this weekend.
Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!
Till next time…


Kady said...

Thought I'd left a post but don't see it. Just wanted to tell you how wonderful those treasures are and wish you a return to good health.

Sandy said...

Oh got some really awesome goodies :)
Can't wait to see everything in it's place...

I sure hope your feeling better. Nothing like being sick and have a million things to get done.