Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Primcats…

As I was messing with my blog layout last week I realized that this is Primcats house and I have failed to formally introduce any of our Primcats. For shame for shame. It’s way past time! The kitties would have my head if they knew I had spent more time talking home decor’ than talking cats!!

Today I added Poofie’s picture as the official “temporary” Primcats House mascot. I say temporary because I’ll probably change the picture form time to time as not to leave anyone out.

Without further ado… here she is!

Meet Miss Poofie.


Also known as Poof-a-rella and bad, bad kitteh. She’s a beautiful chinchilla coated dilute tortoiseshell. Poofie is part of a litter of 6 tort’s that came to live here at Primcats House as foster kitties. All our cats are of course rescues who landed in the lap of feline luxury!

The Poof is one of a whole litter of tortoiseshells. 2 of that litter are dilutes of grey, cream and peach in color. The other 4 sisters are full black, red (orange), and cream (white).  Tri colors (Torties and Calicos) are (almost) always female.

Any way… don’t let me get sidetracked on genetics…

Poofie in the cat enclosure.

Poofie came to us with her sisters and her mother as fosters that we took in from our local Humane Society during Hurricane Katrina. They had cages upon cages of animals stacked high that had been brought up here and they were desperately in need of foster homes for the animals at the shelter already. I got the call and even though we already had 7 permanent rescued babies and had long ago stopped fostering for them… I couldn’t say no. Not at a time like that. I said yes I would foster… and I went and picked them and their mother up. They were 3 weeks old.

Baby Poofie

Long, long story short… er… shorter… when the kittens were weaned I returned mama cat Sheba for adoption… and that was the day I knew my heart could not let the kittens go. My heart ached for Sheba (even though she was going to her forever home after spaying) and I cried and cried and I knew…  the kittens had already found their forever home and would not be returning to the Shelter.

Poofie is one of the lucky cats that get to call Primcats House home.  Along with her littermates Ebby, Gizzy, Punky, Chen and of course… Katrina… in honor of the reason they are here with us.  The kittens are known as the mini’s around here… and the others the biggies. They are Fefe’ Le’ Purr, Baby Bear, Dottie, Phat Boy, Smokey, Rascal, Tracy and Pierre. Tracy isn’t really a biggie… she is a story all in herself… and we will get to that. Eventually you will get to “meet” everyone, all 14 of our babies… but for now…

Miss Poofie

~~Pretty Poofie~~

Until we meet again…


Carmen C. said...

Oh how cute! Love the names too:)

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous! Do you have an cat enclosure for them or do they run around the house and outside.

Wanda/Ridge Farm Nesting Place said...

Your babies are beautiful! Love the pictures. I know that they let you appreciate because as it turns out we end up being owned by them...they steal our hearts.

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

@ Carmen ~ Thanks!

@ The Packs ~ We have a 2,100' Cat enclosure that is fully netted in for kitty safety. The cats are free to go in and out of the enclosure and house but are always safe from harm.

@ Wanda ~ Yeah... they own us... for sure. And I wouldn't have it any other way. :)