Saturday, January 5, 2013

Caturday’s with the Primcats are coming!

Hi Friends,

Most all of you know that Primcats house is filled with the two things I love… Prims and Cats. When I started this site I intended to use it as a place to share my home and as a tool to educate people about their cats. Somewhere along the way I got lost on that second part. 

With everything that has been going on recently with Fefi Le’ Purr and Tracy I feel like I need to share what I have learned about Feline health to help others avoid the things we have dealt with over the years.

I think the most important thing I want to share is that I am a Feline Wellness Advocate. I want nothing but the best for every cat in the world. I want them to be happy and healthy and have enjoyable lives. My husband and I strive to give out cats the best in every aspect of their lives.

I have been learning from cats all my life but the last 15 years I have really spent devoted to them and their health. Mostly because I was dealing with health issues that I later learned could be easily prevented. I also have amassed tons of useful tips and tricks having lived with 14 cats for so long. 

So I have decided to start 2012 with Caturday's… where I will answer cat questions about my cats, your cats, and cats in general. I will share what I have learned and hopefully help you out with your cat.

I will be covering everything from nutrition to fleas to behavioral issues to cleaning to medical problems and so much more.

So if you have a question… Feel free to ask. I would love to answer it and maybe help out someone else out there who is having the same problem you are.

In the beginning I am going to focus on nutrition because I get so many questions about “what should I feed my cat?”, “Is XXXX a good food?”, “Your cats are amazingly healthy. What do you feed them?”.

But before we delve deep into that I want to start by sharing my cats and their lives. I’m reposting my Meet the Primcats page here into this post in case you aren't familiar with my cats and their lives.

Here we go…


Here at Primcats House we live side by side with 14 wonderful cats. They are our children and we treat them as such. Everyone is spayed and neutered and they have the best of everything.

All 14 were at one time unwanted unloved strays who were rescued by us. They all went from being unwanted… straight into the lap of luxury! They have a huge outdoor cat enclosure, homemade raw food, distilled water, a home visit vet, 2 huge indoor cat trees, toys galore, and all the love they can stand. It’s all purrs around here.

There are two groups of cats in the Primcat Pride. 

The Mini’s and the Biggie’s.
The 6 mini’s came to us as a litter of 3 week old fosters from our local humane society in 2005. The humane society was over run with rescue animals from Hurricane Katrina and we took them in temporarily. My heart is far to big though, I am no longer foster mom material, and I fell in love and could not give them up. We adopted all 6 Tortoiseshell kittens. 4 black tortie’s and 2 dilute gray tortie’s.

Tracy was an addition to the mini’s and though she isn’t really a part of their litter she fit right in. She is a dilute tortie and is small like the mini’s. She was dumped by her old owner in down town Columbus, Ohio on January 3, 2008. I spent 3 weeks walking the streets in the dead of winter searching for her, working with homeless in the area to help me find her, putting up fliers and visiting humane societies and rescues hoping she would pop up.

By the grace of God and an angel on Tracy’s shoulder she was found and returned to me by a good Samaritan via way of one of the thousands of a lost cat posts I had put out on the web. It was a miracle. 

Meet the Mini’s…

Tracy – The Cat-Dog.

Ebby – The Queen


Gizzy – The bed hog.


Chennifer  - The lovey licker. 


Punky –The talker.


Poofie – The cutie pie.


Katrina – The bad cat.


The Biggies are the other group within the pride. They all came to us via a feral cat that lived on our property when we moved here in 2000. All the biggie’s were born to a feral mom in the brief time that it took me to trap her and get her to the Humane Society to be spayed. They are all very, very large cats and shock all who meet them because of their size. They are all big, tall, long, muscular cats.

Pierre’ is the only outside cat we have. She is Mr. Primcats shop cat. Her job is to keep his shop free of mice and she does her job well. She also has access to the house garage and spends a lot of time up there with us too. She is her feral mothers daughter… not fully feral but easily snaps at the twitch of a whisker for no reason. Everyone who spends time with her ends up with a war wound from her. lol. She’s a bad little one eyed pirate cat but we love her and spoil her just the same.  She has it good here at Primcats House too.

Meet the biggies…

Pierre – The one eyed pirate cat.


Phat Boy – The snuggler.


Smokey – The jester .


Rascal – The rascal.


Dottie – The neurotic one.


Baby Bear – The baby.


Fefi Le’ Purr – The sweet one.


Where do the Primcats live?

Inside Primcats house…


And outside in a 2,100 square foot cat safe enclosure where they love to spend time catching bugs and sunning themselves. They are free to come in and out as they please.



The cat trees…

In the living room.  

You can see the cat door to the enclosure here.


In the kitchen…


So that sums up the Primcats and their home. I hope you enjoyed meeting them.

Come back next Saturday for the first official Caturday with the Primcats!

Until next time,

Carmen and the Primcats


Primitive Stars said...

That is a wonderful post Carmen, love that you safed all those throwaway cats and love them all.......The cat encloser outside is great, I think cats should not be left outside to roam free, what you have is amazing.......Kudos to you and Hubby for treating these beautiful cats so well, you are a Angel.......Blessings Francine.

Raymond Homestead said...

Carmen, I enjoyed reading this post. I wish there were more people like you. These cats are very fortunate to call your place home. There is a mama and her little one (feral cats) that hang around here and I feel sorry for them. I have been feeding them and we made a little house for them to sleep in. I have been feeding them for quite awhile but they still won't let me get close to them. I wish they would let me pet them. I have a question for you. I love the outside enclosure you have for them and you said they can come and go as they like. Are they declawed? Do you have trouble with them scratching your furniture?

earlene said...

Carmen I feel so lucky I got to see and pet all your cats and see their wonderful home.
OK I know you are starting next week but I have a question now.
Do cats get dry skin and how do you treat it. My new cat has dry rough patches in spots.

Peggy Lee said...

Carmen - you and your husband have such loving hearts for these kitties. I admire you so much for what you do. I love cats but my OCD issues won't let me have them. LOL We travel too much for work anyway to own a pet now. It wouldn't be fair.
How do you stay ahead of all the hair, etc... (note aforementioned OCD issues)

Carla said...

Yay, looking forward to your future posts.
I have a question...should cats get declawed?

We have a new kitten, and we are tossing the thought around.

Loretta Thomas said...

Hi Carmen, I am new to your blog Miss Kitty... I created my blog because of her. She is new to the family and also us...we only have puppies in the house.
I am so happy i will have a place to get good information and advice. Will you follow us back so we are assured of keeping in touch? Looking forward to your informative posts and spending time with you & your 14 fur-babies!

Warmest Regards,
Loretta...her Mum

Karen said...

What a great post Carmen...I know you love cats but I didn't know you were an advocate...this is a great idea to have Caturday - I'm sure you will get lots of questions and us - answers.

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh this is so nice of you to help all we cat lovers out there. I'm sure I'll have some questions for you. You've got a beautiful family :)


Fran. said...

Bless you Carmen!! We need more people like you!! I am allergic to cats so we can't have them!! I had one cat in my life. LOVED her. But I never got to pet her!! She loved me too! My neighbor who is poor loves cats. he has five now. So for Christmas my husband and I bought him a 20lb bag of food and left it on his porch for him!! I love watching his cats! The kittens were so adorable in the first snow we had!! They come over here and I love it!! Did you ever get a spoon yet? I will keep my eyes open for you. Happy New Year!! XOXO Fran.