Saturday, January 19, 2013

Caturday ~ What do you feed the Primcats?


Hi Friends,

Welcome to Caturday with the Primcats!

I am about to get deep into a raw food discussion here but please understand that I do NOT for one second think that you have to feed raw food to improve your cats health. Canned works too.

But please stick with me and read on.
I’m just sharing our story not pushing it. Raw feeding is not for everyone. But it is for us. And just you knowing this may someday help you save your cat or someone's cat you know.

Knowledge is power.

The second most common question I get:
What do you feed the Primcats?

We personally feed a Raw Meat and Bones based diet to our cats and they are incredibly healthy on it.
(recipe at

We have been feeding this way since 2006 with no problems, only improvements in their health and well being.

Before raw feeding we had a major illness monthly and our vet bills were $3000+ a year. 14 cats adds up fast. After raw feeding since 2006 the only cat who has needed medical attention is Tracy for her Asthma and now Fefi for cancer.

Seriously. Think about that. The only thing that changed was their diet. That’s it.

We started raw feeding because we almost lost two of our cats to Urinary blockages, bladder stones and kidney stones. Phat Boy and Baby Bear we both on their death beds a week apart.

Phat Boy had emergency surgery on a Friday night due to a crystal created stone blockage the size of a nickel in his bladder. His blood had turned to poison and he was going to die with out surgery.

A week later Baby Bear was experiencing the same symptoms and we rushed him in only to find on multiple x-ray's that he had the same type stone in his kidney and there was nothing they could do. I am not much for “nothing you can do, take him home and make him comfortable until he dies.” So I got on the internet and almost immediately learned that kibble had done this.

Read last weeks Caturday for why.

We started raw feeding all 14 of our cats that weekend. Bear too. He recovered over a few weeks and 30 days later we went back in for more x-rays. That kidney stone was gone. Yep gone. Dissolved by a proper wet food diet and nothing more that forced his own body to break it up and dispel it saving his life. My vet was shocked. Has never seen that happen in his years of service. But he had also never had someone treat an animal’s blockages with raw feeding.

I HIGHLY recommend it. But I DO know it is NOT for everyone and I don’t expect it out of anyone. It is easy though. Once I got the hang of it and felt comfortable with it, it's a snap to prepare.

Cats are obligate carnivores after all and must derive ALL their nutrients from wet meat based sources. They are unable to absorb them from any other source. Despite thousands of years of domestication they remain strictly carnivorous. True and honest meat eaters and that is what they need most. Protein from meat!

It’s also extremely inexpensive once you source your ingredients properly. It costs me between $8.00 to $10.00 a month to feed one cat a completely natural raw food diet consisting of meat, bones, organs and supplements. You can’t even buy cheap food for that anymore so it makes monetary sense to feed raw. It's something you might want to consider someday if you are willing to devote a lot of time to educating yourself and a little time to preparing.

If you are interested in feeding a raw diet (or just educating yourself about feline nutrition overall) a great place to start learning is .

If you would like to try raw with your cats and don’t want to get all technical about it but want to try a trusted, time tested and balanced raw diet you can order from . I purchased this myself when I first started and my cats loved it! Another premade Raw you can try is Natures Variety.  I personally have never used this but know many people that do and it’s pretty easy to find. Pet stores, grocery stores and smart vets often carry it.

If you have any questions about today's topic please ask. I am happy to help.

Until next time...

Carmen and the Primcats


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

You are such a good cat mommy!!

Simple Pleasures said...

Hi Carmen,
I knew that you fed your cats a raw diet but never new about the raw diet helping with the stones. That's awesome. So here's my question. What are you feeding Holly. Can she eat the same diet? I feed Nico homemade dog food but would love to know your thoughts on dog's diets.
Glad you survived and had fun skating.