Monday, November 5, 2012

Simple Goods Show and Butter Churn Deal?

Hi Friends,

I had hoped to come back today with wonderful stories of Simple Goods but the truth is that it was just miserable for both Jamie and I. Sure... the booths were filled with beautiful things. But they were also filled with so many people you couldn't even enjoy it. Seriously. It was unbearable. Shoulder to shoulder, pushing your way through the crowds. I know that a  lot of my blogging friends really enjoy this show and look forward to it every year... but I don't think I will be going back. I don't enjoy those kinds of crowds. I'll just leave it to the rest of you to share the show with me from now on.

I'm sorry Simple Goods... I would love to love visiting your show more. Maybe someday you will hold it somewhere larger so the crowds aren't so bad and I will come back and be a customer.

Sorry no pics from me... even if I had wanted to take pics I couldn't because of all the people. :(

So instead here is something else... 

I saw this while shopping at the heart of Ohio Antique center and passed it up... 

Did I miss out on a deal?



Until next time...

Carmen and the Primcats


Primitive Stars said...

Hi Carmen......I`m with you on shopping in crowds, not for me either, not enjoyable at all.......Hate to say it but think you passed up a great deal on the beautiful crock butterchurn.....Give Fefe La Purr a big hug from me......Blessings Francine.

BumbleBeeLane said...

I'm not much for the big crowds either.Yes you passed up one heck of a deal.That was really cheap should have been at least $80.I would have took it and ran loving the chopper too.Warm Blessings!~Amy

bettyj said...

Carmen, that churn would sell for well over a 100.00 here. Tsk tsk. The "deal" part of it is, do you have a place for one and/or are you looking for one. If the answer is no, you didn't miss a thing!!

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

Omgoodness Carmen!
I would have expected to see a 1 in front of that !!
What a fantastic price on the crock.
I'm surprised you passed it up.

I hate crowds too.
I wouldn't be able to handle that many people either.


Jennifer said...

Sorry you didn't have a good time :( You would think they would move to a bigger venue!! Love that churn....

jennifer768 said...

Hi Carmen ,I am with you on the crowds.Sorry that you had a disappointing day.Yes I think that was a wonderful price on that churn,sorry. Hugs,Jen

Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives said...

Oh my I would have grabbed that churn and giggled all the way to the car !!! I agree about the crowds though...I dont like it when I am feeling pushed in at all sides.

earlene said...

You should have bought it Carmen.
I don't understand why they can't have the show in a bigger disappointing.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Oh gosh, Carmen, I think I would have grabbed that churn in a minute. I have never been to Simple Goods but have heard from others about the terrible crowds too. Think I'll pass on going in the future. There are so many other shows/open houses that we can pick and choose.

Love to Fefi.


cynthia lee designs said...

Hi Carmen,
What a shame that they moved the show to a new location and it didn't help with the crowd flow through the show.
I see you were at one of my favorite antique malls here in my hometown. Yes...that was a very good price for the old butter churn.
Hope to see you next weekend.

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh Carmen, you know me, I don't do crowds either so I know how you felt.
But, OMGosh you should hit the road, go back and grab up that churn gal, for that price. Was there something wrong with it?
(> ” ” <)
( =’o'= )