Thursday, April 29, 2010

A new kitchen table!

For the past 10 years I’ve been waiting for a new kitchen table to replace the hand me down laminate table that we were given by hubby’s Mom when we moved into this house.

We wanted something super prim. Black legs with an old wood top. I knew it was out there…  just couldn’t find it for a price I was willing to pay. Until 2 weeks ago… there it was on Craigslist! Locally even! Only 20 miles away! I called her and asked her to hold it until I got finished moving back in and I was lucky enough that she agreed! Super nice lady! Of course we went to see it as soon as the last box was removed from the truck and we both fell in love with it right away! Here it is in all it’s prim farmhouse glory.


Isn’t it adorable!!! Next to go is the hutch in the below pic. I want a pie safe there and I’m working on a sketch for the local carpenter. :o)


The top is two pieces. It has so much character.


Imperfectly perfect!!!


And guess how much I paid? Ready…


She had it originally listed for $150, dropped it to $125, I offered $100 and she said $110.00


Not to mention she’s a super nice lady and is looking for me a reasonably priced bowl rack. She had 2 but gave them to her mom. If her mom still has them she’s going to nab em back for me! How nice is that? I love meeting new friends who share a love of prims.
Side note: The L. Hitchcock chairs in the pic came from Goodwill. $10.00 each. Another amazing deal. I got 6 for $60.00. We put two at this table and left 4 in the dining room which is still in the process of a major redo to work with the Pfaltzgraff Folk Art I had acquired and blogged about previously. I’m sure we’ll be talking about that room soon enough!

Hope you all are having a great day!


PS. How in the world did I manage to take pics of that table without any of the cats in it?


Anonymous said...

beautiful, and a wonderful deal! :) So happy for you Carmen :) Can't wait to see your pie safe!

Carmen C. said...

You have struck gold! I LOVeeee that table!!!

american girl primitives said...

I love that table, great deal!

Sandy said...

Oh I EVER love that table! If you ever get fed up, I will take it...LOL.
I think a pie safe would look great...

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

LOVE it!!!!!!

KKL Primitives said...

What a fabulous table!!! I love it!!!!

colonialhomestead said...

I love your table and chairs!

Kady said...

I was wondering how you managed to take that photo too, without a cat in it. LOL Mine would have been so nosy to see what I was doing. That is a prim perfect table - love it!