Friday, October 9, 2009

Pfaltzgraff Folk Art

Hello Prim Friends!
I hope everyone in blogland is doing well! It’s been a while since my last post. So sorry! It’s been crazy busy around here at Primcats House and I just haven’t had time to get back to compose this post. (I’ll warn you now… this post is going to long and picture heavy… but it’s worth it!) I’ve wanted to… 100 times but something always kept pulling me away from the computer.  I finally have a some time today and trust me I have been dying to share with you my newest collection! I’ll warn you now… this post is going to long and picture heavy… but it’s worth it!
Folk Art
As I said in a few posts ago I managed to find two sets of Folk Art on my local craigslist and they were such a good deal that I couldn’t pass them up. I’d been saving up for a new couch… but it looks like I’m headed back to the bank on that one. Ha! I just HAD to have these dishes!
This first pic is the picture from CL that I bought the first set off of… 130+ pieces. This set was really nice and the lady I bought it from was awesome fun! I really liked her. We drove 3.5 hours round trip to Dayton to pick it up. She had been collecting for years and years and all of her pieces had come from her local Goodwill stores. (Except for 3 that her husband bought her new.) To me… that makes the set all the more special because as you know I am a thrifter at heart and there isn’t much I appreciate more than the thrill of the hunt!
This is what was included in set#1:
(All are the Old Castle marking)
4 Piece Canister set
Set of 3 Mixing Bowls
1 Water Pitcher
1 Cookie Jar
1 Bean Pot with Ladle
1 Light (no shade)
1 Casserole dish with lid
1 Butter dish (bowl)
9 Plates
3 Grill / Picnic Plates
1 Treat canister
2 different cream Pitchers 
1 Napkin holder
1 set of salt & pepper
1 Metal Dutch oven (worn and very old)
18 glass's
1 Large platter
1 smaller platter
1 Gravy bowl and stand
4 cereal bowls
1 set of measuring cups
2 serving bowls
1 crock bowl
10 salad plates
13 saucers
6 place mate
9 linins
1 hot plate
3 mug coffee cups
4 LG coffee cups
16 standard coffee cups
plus misc pieces

Here are just a few pics of some of the larger pieces that came out of this set laid out on the dining room table.
That set was great… but unfortunately there weren’t enough core pieces like plates and bowls to both use and display and I was determined to actually USE these dishes everyday if I got them. So I needed to get that second set! After haggling for a few weeks… the other lady finally gave them up to me at the price I was willing to pay.
This is what was included in set#2
(99% are the Old Castle marking)
1 Batter Bowl
1 Cookie Jar
1 Utensil Crock
1 Large Mixing Bowl
2 Medium Mixing Bowls
1 3QT Serving Bowl Plain
1 Canister with sealed lid
1 3QT canister
1 Bean Pot
1 16" Platter
2 3 QT Serving Bowls
1 Loaf Pan
1 Salt and Pepper shakers
2 Gravy Pitchers
6 Dinner Plates
1 9 1/2" Oval Baker
1 Egg Plate
1 Butter Dish
1 14" Platter
7 Soup Mugs
1 Cream and Sugar Set
5 Pedestal Mugs
2 Pasta Bowls
3 Corn Dishes
1 Spoon Rest
8 Cups and Saucers
6 Small Plates
1 7" Oval Baker
2 8 1/2" Vegetable Bowls
9 Cereal Bowls

A picture of some of the pieces from the second set laid out on the garage floor waiting to head to the sink for washing… there were more already in the house being washed…
A pic of some pieces on the dining room table…

Some more pieces set out in temporary home’s in the dining room.
On display in the china cabinet…  0909090111  0909090118
Basket o’ cups… because I have WAY to many!!!
0909090120  0909090122   0909090125 0909090126

(Please ignore the green walls… they are going to be painted as soon as I find the time and the right color.)
So there you have it… my new collection of Folk Art. I hope you enjoyed! I’m sure you will be seeing more of it as I get the buffet and corner cabinet refinished so that I have more room for displaying them!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Ann said...

Carmen, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! How lucky were you??? Thanks for all the pictures I love those dishes, we use them everyday. I really wish I hadn't gotten china when we got married, I'd rather have more Folk Art! I should try Craig's List, but I'm out in the outlands of NW Ohio and everything is too far to drive to pick up - kinda like 3.5 hours to Dayton! LOL. It was worth the drive. LUCKY girl. ~Ann

TheKeepingroom said...

Looks like you hit pay dirt!

Raggedy Angel said...

Well I got the bug too! When My Husband ask what I wanted for my Birthday.....I said Folk Art! So he told me to find I did. I could not find any locally but I did quite well on ebay. (usa made)I just got a box this afternoon and I am trilled with it! I will be posting my pics this weekend.

Wanda/Ridge Farm Nesting Place said...

Carmen...Wow! your really hit paydirt! You lucky girl! I seen a few Folk Art at GW the other day. I love it! Love your display.


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Holy moley girl!!! You have folk art coming out of your ears. LOL. So whatcha thinking for your wall color??? Can't wait to find out.


american girl primitives said...


I love your collection it looks so nice in your hutch, my sister has the same dishes and I have shared with you that I own the Yorktown. I have always wanted this pattern but have not decided on anything just yet. I am going to try to sell mine. Email me if you don't mind. I'd love to know about how much you paid since I don't want to ask to much or too little for my collection.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Wowza!!! You lucky, lucky girl you! I have about ten pieces of it and would some day love to be able to use it for everyday!

I found your blog on Waxed Out Creative Life and so glad I did, I'll be sure to come back for another visit!

adsgram said...

Girl, you have hit a Mother Lode! They look so nice displayed. I have 'that much' Village, and I just love the way you placed those pesky cups in a basket. All of us PFZ collectors seem to have too many of them, but you have done a fun thing with them! I just found your blog and will be checking it out from now on!


Farmhouse Primitives said...

You lucky gal!!! I too have Folk Art pattern, and collected it back in the 80s. Run across a piece here and there now but often it's out of sight on price......enjoy your new dishes. It's a great pattern!!

Janice Boucher said...

I love those dishes....the Folk Art is hard to find. I have been looking on my local craigslist but there are mostly Yorke patterns for sale. I am determined to find my dishes so will keep looking!