Monday, January 7, 2013

The Primcats rescued a DOG~ What?!?

Hi Friends,

You read that title right.

The Primcats adopted a dog.

Meet Holly!


Holly is a 4 year old, 3.5 pound Chihuahua that we adopted December 20th. 

She is about the size of a remote. Not much bigger.


Here’s us on night one.


She was in a very sad situation where her owner had lost interest in her and she was keeping her shut off completely from the family. The other house dog was using her as chew toy and the 5 year old son was way to rough and putting her in danger. So they just shut her away by herself for at least the last year.


A friend of mine who works in dog rescue was contacted and I saw Holly on her FB page that she needed a home and I jumped. Shane and I have been talking about a tiny dog for a long time but nothing ever came to me.


Until I saw that face and I knew she belonged with us.

I knew I needed to give her piles of toys and lots of love.

And now she has them.


She LOVES teenie greenies! NOMS!


Our biggest concern was of course how the cats would react. But I am happy to say that The only one who has had any reaction is Holly. She has had a few “your invading my space moments” with different cats. Other than that everyone is shockingly indifferent to her being there.

Here’s a super sweet moment…

Holly on my belly, Gizzy on the couch.


Can I mom?


And crash. lol!


Tell me that isn’t the cutest thing ever? You can’t. It is.


Happy Baby.


She is infectious. She just makes you happy.


Tracy and Holly snugging it up next to mom.


Baby Bear and Holly spooning.


We are very blessed to have been able to add Holly to our family. She fits in very well.

Until next time… 

Carmen and the Primcats (and Holly?)

Hmmmmmm…. not sure how that is going to work. lol


Simply Shelley said...

So glad you could give her a happy forever home...she is a cutie....blessings

Tiff said...

SWOOON!!! She is a doll!! What a lucky little pup to be adopted into such a wonderful home.


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

We have a very tiny chi too and I am glad you saved her. They need lots of warmth as they burn calories keeping warm and ours sleeps with us. She is so darling. She will love you back as much as you love her.

Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Hey Carmen!
How stinkin cute :-) wish we were neighbors. My girlfriend surprised me after christmas with a 9 week old baby boy, he looks quite a lot like her. We named him Oliver! Same type situation, rescued him from a nasty breeder. I never thought I'd take to such a small tike, but I'm smitten. My cats accepted him well also. Good luck, bet she thought she won the puppy lottery!
Tisha and Skippy....

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

How wonderful of you! The little sweetie looks like she is quite happy in her new home!

Karen said...

You are right--it is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! That was so wonderful of you to give her a new home. I'm so glad she has you, Shane, and the Primcats to love her now. She looks very happy ♥

Carmen C. said...

She is so tiny and sweet *SQUEE* we have always had large dogs but I love the little ones too, glad you were able to give her a loving home♥

janie said...

So Cute and so very lucky to have found such a caring, loving home.

Enjoy, Janie

Primitive Stars said...

Bless your heart.....thank goodness you got her out of that nasty home, some people URGGG!!!.....She is the cutest girl, warms my heart you give these beautiful animals the warmth and love the are an Angel, Hugs Francine.

Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

What a tiny sweety! Lucky little doggy she has found the best home! So glad the primcats are taking well to her.

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

Bless your heart Carmen. I work with a small Rescue and I cannot believe how many dogs are just forgotten when the families get bored with them.

She is adorable but you must admit she is as close to looking like a cat as a little dog can get.


Loretta Thomas said...

I hate hearing stories such as this one. But, this one turned out right...she will be spoiled, loved, cherished, etc.,thanks to you and your family! She's right at home on your belly! lol.

Warmest Regards,

frontporchprims said...

How wonderful Carmen. You are such a good person to rescue Holly. She has love now. Something every living thing deserves. Thank you. -Steph-

Tammy Fry said...

She looks so happy, and well adjusted living with you. I'm glad she found a loving forever home.

bettyj said...

What a blessing for all of you! How sad she had to spend so much time alone, poor baby, and didn't deserve it. Bless you all for rescuing her. She is a beautiful baby. The cats may think she is a BIG mouse! Enjoy

Raymond Homestead said...

It makes me so happy to know Holly now has a wonderful loving home! Bless her heart!

nancy huggins said...

I am sooooo happy for you and especially for Holly. She looks a lot like the little dog that my Daughter Nellie rescued last summer. He also had not such a good life and had a pin in his leg from getting hit by a car. Your little Holly looks so happy in her new home. I have some hand made dog beds listed in my selling blog and would be pleased to give you a discount on one of them. Go to my blog and click on the link there to go to my selling blag. You mmade me smile today could your Cat's not Love something so precious :)

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

How Precious Carmen! Holly is Adorable! Funny how she is smaller than the cats. She must be real tiny!
Glad you could take her in. Thanks for sharing!

earlene said...

AWW Carmen what a cutie...he has a wonderful home!!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Karen's and I'm so glad I did. Your new baby is so adorable and looks so happy to be with you. You and your family have such kind hearts. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Maybe they don't know she's a dog, she is tiny. Some of our cats used to sleep with the cocker spaniels, the dogs didn't like it as much as the cats though, but we did have peace in the house even if we did have 2 dogs and six or seven cats!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

All I can say is...she was meant for you...too bad she had to wait so long for you to find her!---Jan

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Carmen, Little Holly is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life! What a pampered life she will lead now, as the only dog. I am so happy she came to live with you. I love her name, too, I had a cocker once named Holly.


Heather Wise said...

Oh my!!!!! She is soooo cute! I love her! I am so sad about her old life, but you can tell she knows she is loved now!!!! Awwww! I need to go look through the pictures again!

Blessings with your new little dear!


jennifer768 said...

God bless you for rescuing such a tiny sweetheart! I hate to hear of an animal being badly treated,so glad that you brought her into your home where she will know love.She is darling and I am sure she is as much a blessing to you as you are to her.Sweet pics.Hugs,Jen

cynthia lee designs said...

Holly sure is a cutie!! So glad that she has found her forever home with you.

Jennifer Helms said...

Oh Carmen - Holly is precious!! I am so happy she has been saved and she is in your wonderful home!!

Carla said... sweet. I am so glad she found your family. :)
Best to you and your cats, with your new family member.

Pat said...

How Sweet......congrats on your new addition :0)
Its wonderful how well she is fitting in.

Prims By The Water said...

What a cute teacup doggie! Are you gonna stat bringing in more pups and change your name now Carmen! :-) Janice