Friday, November 23, 2012

Oh Twiggy Tree, Oh Twiggy Tree…

Hi friends,
I hope you all are feeling fat and sassy after your Thanksgiving dinners yesterday! I sure am!
I know so many of you will be spending today putting up your trees so I wanted to do a repost of my song, Oh Twiggy Tree from last year.
I put all my trees' up last week and 2 of them had to have lights replaced so again I suffered the pain of the Twiggy tree! I hope you all fair better than I did!
Lets look back... to November 2011
Friends, I’d like to sing you a song… a song about Christmas pain and misery.
A song I know so many of you can relate to…
Yesterday I spent 6.5 hours removing a single strand of tied on lights, straightening thousands of little pokey twiggy branches and relighting a German twig tree. It inspired the following song… written my me.
Sung to the tune of Oh Christmas tree…
Oh Twiggy tree, Oh Twiggy tree,
Your branches cause such misery.
Oh Twiggy tree, Oh Twiggy tree,
You poke and stab and make me bleed.
I’m wearing sleeves and rubber gloves,
My arms are scratched into little nubs.
Oh Twiggy tree, Oh Twiggy tree,
Your branches cause such misery.
Oh Twiggy tree, Oh Twiggy tree,
Such frustration you do bring me.
Oh Twiggy tree, Oh Twiggy tree,
Every twig must be just right.
The anger builds in me with light.
For crooked twigs won’t hide at night.
Oh Twiggy tree, Oh Twiggy tree,
Such frustration you do bring me.
What do you think? Oh I know anyone who’s ever put one of these German twig trees together and lit it knows that this song is so true. LOL! And it only took me 3 hours of 6.5 to write that. :) I sang it to Mr. Primcat when he got home. He was cracking up.
From this hot mess…
To two rows straightened and lit…
To finished!
Baby Bear took my spot as soon as I got up.
Perched atop the biggest firkin I have ever seen. I bought the firkin at Goodwill for 7.99 ages ago and  Rachel at Somewhere in the Middle, so kindly made pretty for me with a redo so I could use it as a Christmas tree stand. My new Christmas nemesis, twiggy tree, sits atop it in the kitchen and ready to be decorated!
I still have so much to do, especially after wasting an entire day straightening that tree! Gahhhhh! 
So I better get back to it! Now go back up to the top… and turn on the music and sing with me won’t you…
Oh Twiggy tree, Oh Twiggy tree,
Your branches cause such misery.
Until next time…
Carmen and the Primcats


earlene said...


It looks great in that corner Carmen. Now I won't get that tune out of my head for the rest of the day. Thanks friend...LOL!

((((Hugs to you and Shane))))
I have the next week off so want to get all my trees out.

Raymond Homestead said...

Lol, love your song! The twiggy tree turned out beautifully! I sang that as I typed it!:-)

frontporchprims said...

Oh no!! The infamous twiggy tree agian this year!!! It is so beautiful all lit up though. Hope your hands survived. -Steph-

Heather Wise said...

Love the tree and the song! Hot mess is right! I got a smaller tree last year, left the lights on, and put a bag over it. I had a prelit tree, but the middle strand went out, and I could not find the bulb culprit! Trees are definitely a love/hate relationship! :)

I love the tree on the firkin!!!!!

Have a wonderful evening, dear!!!!

bettyj said...

Love the song and talk about appropriate. I have scratches still from mine 2 weeks ago!Looks good though.

Danice said...

What a catchy tune, Carmen! 'Love it! Your tree is awesome, also. Very great place for it in the corner. We already have our tree up too :)

Jennifer said...

hahaha I feel ya...but your tree looks amazing!!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I absolutely love your twiggy tree!

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

Hi Carmen,

Boy you really get some great stuff.

I don't know why but your posts are not coming up on my dashboard so I will just have a look everyday..

So glad that Fefi i holding her own I think about her all the time. She looks well and obviously really loves her daddy.