Monday, October 22, 2012

Fefi’s Big Holistic Feline Hemangiosarcoma treatment adventure…

Hi Friends,

Dropping in with a Fefi update and a bunch of information about treating Feline Hemangiosarcoma that I hope someday will help someone else dealing with this. The information about this rare cancer in cats is so hard to find that I want to share whatever I can for anyone who may be looking for treatments like us. 


Last Wednesday we visited a special vet, Dr. Carlson from Lifetime Pet Wellness Center in Columbus, Ohio, that practices both conventional and Holistic medicine. He practices a LOT of alternative treatments. His credentials are quite impressive and very inline with my beliefs for raising cats.

Please check him out here:

While searching for a non conventional vet to treat Fefi's cancer I called around and interviewed. I adore my regular vet and have not had to seek a new vet for anything in years because our cats are so healthy, so this was very intimidating. But it had to be done. I started by asking 2 questions that guide me in my care of my cats. 

First... how do you feel about vaccinating? 

**I do NOT vaccinate due to my cats non existent risk of contracting disease. Sadly vets use this as a way to make money even though the risks of getting a fibrosarcoma cancer from a vaccine is more likely than getting the disease they are vaccinating against. Ever wonder why vets started giving each vaccination in a different leg? That's so that when a animal gets a vaccination induced cancer they can just amputate the leg and save the cat. My advice. Weigh your cats risk of disease before vaccinating. And NEVER vaccinate an immune compromised cat. Ever. 

Fefi has not been vaccinated since 2006 when we went all natural and started raw feeding. 

And second... 

How do you feel about raw feeding? 
And how do you feel about raw feeding an immune compromised cat? 

**I raw feed. End of story. I will not feed my cat garbage processed foods lacking in nutrients and likely to face dangerous recalls just because a vet gets kick backs from selling crap food. Won't do it. End of story. There is no better food than the species appropriate diet for the only obligate carnivore on the planet than what we feed our cats. More info at We have been raw feeding the vet created recipe from Cat info since 2006 when we saved 2 of our cats with this diet. 

Those questions narrowed it down to Dr. Carlson and a few others pretty fast. He supports not vaccinating and encourages raw feeding for all animals. Especially for cancer cats. I decided on Dr. Carlson from 3 personal recommendations. I am so glad I did! 

We were seeking alternative treatments to give her body a fighting chance against this rare cancer.

After a 2 hour consultation, more through than any I have ever had, we left feeling very positive. He went over ALL her records from all her life. Read them all. He studied the recipe I feed her and confirmed it is perfect. We went over everything from her 11.5 year life. 

I have also never seen a vet touch, calm and go over a cat like he did with Fefi. I exaggerate not. He felt that cat over from head to toe, deep tissue feeling, for 15 minutes checking for tumors and the entire time she was melted butter in his hands. It was unbelievable to watch. I was shocked. I really was. She was completely calm during the entire appointment. They even took her back for x-rays and she was a good girl for them. 

She is a skittish cat. 
This is unprecedented behavior for her.  

I was very impressed with his “way” with her and the whole overall feeling of the vets office. And I know she felt it too by her calm behavior. I really liked that as not stressing her is on the top of my list. The environment of the office is calming and I know she could sense that. 

Treatment: We have put her on the following 6 supplements.


Let me break this down. For me as well as you, and for anyone that my someday be like I have been, searching the internet for something to help their cat with this rare and deadly feline hemangiosarcoma cancer. 

Stasis Breaker - 2x daily. In Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Tumor tissues and modules are classified as Blood Stasis and stagnation. The key treatment is to remove blood stasis. 
(Meaning it breaks and removes the tumor.) 

**This is a small round black ball of herbs that I pill her with. She takes it easily. No stress. I am a master cat piller. lol.

Homotoxicology Remedy Detox - Liquid - 3x daily Whole Body detoxification. This is a temporary remedy. just to detox her initially.

**I give this after the Stasis breaker to wash it down or I mix it into her food. I tasted it. No flavor.

Lact-Enz - 2x daily - combines digestive enzymes with probiotic bacteria to support healthy digestion and immune function. Supports healthy gastrointestinal flora. Supports a healthy immune response.
Provides support during the gastric and intestinal phase of digestion.

**This is a powdered capsule and I sprinkle it on her food. She loves it and will eat more if I sprinkle it after she is done. Must taste good to her. Noms!

Feline Whole Body Support - 2x daily. Provides general multisystem support for daily maintenance of all body systems with emphasis on a healthy endocrine system.
** This is a smelly green tablet that she thinks is a treat. I drop it... she eats it. 

Thymex - 2x daily. Supports a healthy thymus gland, the master gland of the immune system. 
Can be used in combination with other immune support products. 

** Her fav!!! This is a smelly red brown tablet that she thinks is a treat. I drop it... she eats it. 

Miatake PET Fraction -  1-2x daily - A substance responsible for the potent immune-support.

**Liquid. I drop it in her bowl and she licks it up. Yummy! I also tasted a drop of this. Not bad. lol! 

The goal of these supplements is to build her immune system up to tip top so that her own body will fight the cancer.

So… do they work? I don’t know.

But I will tell you this…

After 24 hours, 2 doses, she was back to her normal self. 

After 48 hours she was playing again and she hasn't stopped since.

She is acting normal and eating normal.

She is happy and playful and alert. 

She was none of these for the last few weeks. 

And since that is what I wanted I can’t say I’m at all disappointed with these treatments and how quickly they perked her up.

The bonus. She likes every single supplement so we have no stress. In fact she begs for them. I only pill her for the stasis breaker and then give her the Detox from the dropper. The rest she eats as a treat. Can't beat that! 

At this point in time I could not ask for more. I am pleased.

Time will tell the long term benefits of this treatment and if it will save her. The goal is to boost her immune system so she can fight the cancer herself. I must admit, from what I have seen already I am overly hopeful.

We go back in three weeks for a follow up to reevaluate her supps.

If you are wondering... it wasn't cheap, but it also wasn't overly more than I expected. (Though for me price is never a factor. These are my children. I would give anything.) I am not upset at the price and I absolutely don't feel gouged or cheated. Even online prices for these supps were the same as what he sold them to me for.  I feel it was all very fair for what she was getting from a vet that studied everything I need to help Fefi when conventional medicine has nothing to offer. I highly recommend seeking this when needed or just because. I have a feeling we will use this type of treatment in the future as a first option. 

All in all she is doing so much better than she was just one short week ago.

For further informational purposes though I will not dwell on this there have been 2 veterinary studies of Feline Hemangiosarcoma in the last 15 years. One on 52 cats records and one on 18 cats records. They say after tumor removal surgery the average life span left is 44 weeks. 

Fefi intend's to mop the floor with that average time because she's awesome like that. 

Please keep the positive energy flowing and prayers coming her way. I know it is helping too.
(Positive energy is on her treatment sheet! Love this vet!) 

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats



Primitive Stars said...

Hello Carmen,great vet, thats wonderful....Fefi La`Purr is still in my prayers.....Blessings Francine.

Raymond Homestead said...

Fefi Le' Purr is very fortunate to have such a loving, caring momma like you! Lots of positive, healing thoughts coming your way!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

So interesting...I love the optimism I hear in your "voice" too. I hope the fact that you have been feeding the raw food diet to Fefi for a long time will also have an impact on her. So happy she is feeling her old playful self--that has to make YOU happy!!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

That's Good news Carmen! So glad to hear she is doing better! I will continue my Prayers for your family!

Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

Awesome! Natural healing is the best option for our pets and us humans. I only wish more people realized this. We stopped vaccinating our kids and pets. I only wish I had known about the impact food, medicines, and vax have on us before this year... better late than never I guess!

I will keep praying for miss Fefi. I am so glad to hear her visit with Mr. Awesome Doctor (haha) went so well! The stress part is huge!

Karen said...

This all sounds terrific! The vet sounds wonderful, too ~ I will continue to pray for her!! I am going to read more on raw foods, to see what all this consists of. We don't have cats anymore, but we have a dog ~ and this might be a great alternative for him.

Tiff said...

Way to go Fefi!! Keep it up girl! and glad you have a mama who will fight for you. Sending lots more positives your way :)


frontporchprims said...

I am happy for you Carmen. You are a good mother. There is nothing we won't do for our children. It's a releif to find a good Dr. -Steph-

BumbleBeeLane said...

Glad the visit went well and there is a good treatment schedule for her.I had to giggle thought I was the only one that tasted the liquids before giving them.LoL.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

It sounds like Fefi is in great hands!

Brenda said...

Carmen... I am so happy to read of the improvement in Fefi. This sounds like a great treatment plan, and the fact that she is not stressed is the best news of all... for feline and parents! :)

My 12 year old Mewbie is the little girl of my hubby and my dreams. She wandered into our lives as the tiniest stray kitten. We never had her immunized... and never saw a need for it. I am going to jump over to read up on a raw diet. My hubby has always said that it would be better for her. Thanks for the info.

Fefi looks so much like our little girl. I cannot look at Mew without thinking of Fefi and am sending her my heartfelt strength on angels wings. You have a super plan in place with a wonderful doctor. Fefi is ready to do some serious living!! :)

cynthia lee designs said...

So glad that you found this vet and that Fefi is doing better. You are a great mommy to your furry babies!! Still saying prayers.

Firecracker Kid said...

Sounds like this will work for Fefi. With it, your love and care, she will survive.

Elisha said...

Glad your kitty is feeling better. Sure makes you WONDER about our OWN diets and vaccinations we put in OUR own bodies, huh? Scary to think about. ALthooug grateful for modern day medicine, I often wonder If we make things worse at times by putting foreign things in and eating crappy diets that God didnt intend??? You are a angel for doing all this for Fefi.

Jennifer Preta said...


I came across your blog about Fefi. I was wondering how she is doing with the holistic medication?

My cat was u fortunately diganosis with hemangiosarcomas. He had surgery and we were successful in getting nice clear margins. Chemo was recommended but the concern with chemo is the liver and kidney. So I was looking for an alternative treatment.

Thank you,