Friday, June 15, 2012

Why you should add the "Follow by email" gadget to your blog!

Hi friends,

Happy Friday to you! Hope everyone is ready for the weekend and has some relaxing in mind. I am hoping to chill in my pool this weekend as last weekend I didn’t get too really enjoy it. I was to busy doing other fun things!

Tonight I’m going over to see that cute little baby Anson who came into the world last Saturday.


Can’t wait to hold him again. He is so beautiful and such a blessing!


So my post today is really about a great way to follow your favorite blogs and not miss anything.
Lately I have been terrible about visiting blogland and keeping up with everyone’s new posts. So I started signing up to get your posts emailed to me whenever I see that you have the gadget available to me. And it is sooooooo great! Your blog post arrives in my email and I miss nothing! Love it! No spam… just a nice neat little blog post!


I have the gadget right up there in my top right hand corner and all you do is put in your email address and then confirm it by clicking a link sent to your email. Walah… you won’t miss my posts either!


And please add this wonderful gadget to YOUR page so I can sign up for yours!!!

- Go to your dashboard

-Go to layout

- Click add a gadget

-Click Follow by email

-Fill it out and then save!

Done… and I won’t miss your posts once I subscribe!


Also… if you have a second or two during your visits please click and check out my ad sponsors. I would really appreciate it! I’m trying to get me a pedicure! ;o)


Gonna end with this one… Because it’s hysterical!!!!

Michelle sent this to me and said it reminded her of me! Look… it’s me and 14 cats! Ha! I need it!
Does anyone have a cricut cutter with vinyl. I need me 14 cats! Oh and a Mr. Primcat!!! LOL!


Thanks Michelle! Cracked me up!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats


Peggy Lee said...

Oh my gosh all those cats are hysterical! And yes...don't forget Mr. Primcat :0)

Such a precious little one you are holding there. There's nothing sweeter than a new bundle of joy!

The email thing is a great idea but I follow SO MANY (did I say SO MANY??) that I'd get bombarded with scads of emails at all I just go to my reader when I have a moment or two and read them at my leisure.

I'll be thinking of your pool while I'm wiping my brow this weekend!

frontporchprims said...

Oh, how fun to go hold a baby!! Someone may have to pry it out of my hands if I get a hold of one:) The cats on the back of the car are too funny. I've seen one with familys but never all animals. Ha ha. How cute. It's true though. Animals are family members too. Hope you have fun relaxing in your new pool. I have the follow by email gadget already. Someone else told me to put it there. I guess people like it:) Have a great weekend. -Steph-

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

That cat sticker thingy is so funny. You must get that. Have a wonderful weekend.

Cindi said...

The cat stickers are too funny! I will have to try the email gadget although my blog is so tiny it probably doesn't really matter.
You have a great weekend in your pool and visiting the sweet bundle of love!
Be blessed,

Raggedy Creations said...

What a beautiful baby.


cynthia lee designs said...

Yes...I think you need those cats on the back of your car!!
Nothing like hanging a new baby...he is so adorable!!
Have a great weekend. Enjoy that pool.