Friday, December 2, 2011

Homespun Candy Canes Tutorial

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m going to show you how to make these cute little homespun candy canes.


You need:

Plastic Candy Canes


Hot glue gun

Embellishments: Cheesecloth, Sweet Annie, Bells

So we start with this…


And some fabric…



Rip fabric into 1/2 strips then hot glue onto the end.


Tuck end corners into the first wrap and then just keep wrapping.


End it the same way you began… with a dab of hot glue.


After many hours… you will have a bunch of wonderful Candy Canes and a worn out cat from stealing all your ripped up strips of fabric.


Poofie says “Phew, Mom. That was exhausting. Lets nap now.”


Awwwww… sweet little kitty!



And wala… candy canes.



If you want to dress them up… I did some with sweet annie and cheese cloth, though I am severely allergic to Sweet Annie I know my prim friends love it so all my sweet annie ones are leaving, or have already left here.



They are so cute though. Wish I wasn’t allergic!



Wrapped up and ready to sell and gift!


You can also add bells. Super cute too!




These are great as bowl fillers, jar fillers, ornaments and even gift toppers.

Have fun with it!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special


michelle said...

Those are so cute!I just love the sweet annie ones!Great job !Have a wonderful Friday sweetie!Big hugs michelle

Hillcresthome Prims said...

You did a SUPER job on those candy canes!!!!!! AWESOME!

Kendra said...

Those are wonderful! I am heading to the dollar store right away for plastic candy canes and i will get into the scrap material when I get back. Thank you so much for sharing this great idea! I love how you packaged then too! Kendra

Trace4J said...

Super Cute! Canes & Kitty! :)
I just love it..
Hugs Trace

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Thanks for sharing Carmen - how exhausting for the kitty - not to mention you! lol Enjoy your day dear.

Raggedy Creations said...

Those are super cute Carmen. Did you use plastic ones or real ones.


Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love your candy canes! The Sweet annie is a wonderful touch!
I just made a couple dozen of these up also. I used a couple different fabrics, I even did some with twine. Now that was time consuming! Have a wonderful weekend!

Carmen C. said...

Very pretty Carmen! I did some plain ones last year, never thought of dressing them up but I love them that way:) Please let your mom know we are all thinking of her and sending prayers her way!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Wow, they're beautiful and to think they started out as those plastic ones!!! Great job! I hope your mom is doing better! Enjoy your weekend!

Mary said...

Hi Carmen, Great job with the Candy Canes and tutorial! They are just too cute!Thank you for sharing. I too have a craft listed on my blog, it's for making easy might want to take a peek when you get a free moment. Enjoy your week! Hugs Mary

Rhodes Creations said...

Love it!!! Where did you get the plastic c. canes? THanks so much for the tutorial! Love and Hugs, Laura R.

Tolentreasures said...

Wow, you sure have a ton of those made! Great job! and way to take one for the team, making something you are allergic to! That's true dedication!

Have a great weekend!



great idea, I am off to the Dollar Tree to find some plastic canes.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Those are adorable Carmen - and so, so, many!! (I LOVE things in quantity!!! Not so much a "less-is-more" kinda girl...) ;o) Love the touches of Sweet Annie and cheesecloth. Poor Poofie - think you wore her done out! Bet these will be a hit at the open house. Sure wish I were going to be there! Wishing you the best - Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Angela said...

Love the candy canes and how you decorated them. Hope they sell out at the open house. Wish I was going to be there. Take pictures for those of us sitting home wishing we were there.

earlene said...

Hi Carmen....I hung my Candy Canes you gave me in my small tree in my dining thats a lot of Candy Canes. Poofie is so cute laying there.
Have a good time at Angies tomorrow.

Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

Thank for this! A very interesting and fun tutorial! You make Christmas look FUN!

cynthia lee designs said...

I made lots of those candy canes for my Christmas show...and my sister & I plan on making more this week for us to use in our decorating.
I'm also allergic to Sweet Annie. If there is very much of it around me...I get to where I can't breath.
So I buy the fake sweet annie that is now showing up at some of the craft stores. Looks just like it, but has no smell to it at all.
See ya soon.

nancy huggins said...

Very nice Carmen and nice ornaments that kitties can't pull off the tree and break...Thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

I love the candy canes but I cannot find the ones you made yours from.
I can't even find any styrofoam bases either.
Do you have any other suggestions on what to use as the base? I would like to make some for a gift for a friend this year.
Thanks for the tutorial.
Country at heart

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Wonderful tut!!!
And I don't need to make any cuz I was a lucky recipient of them in the ornament exchange...and I love them!


Firecracker Kid said...

Ahh, poofie has the right idea... lol. They are adorable and hubby noticed them so they must be an eye catcher. Y'all have fun at the open house with my hand held hubby :-)

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I've never attempted these and you made it look so easy. I love Sweet Annie, received some on a gift, but don't know where to find it other than online. Isn't having a cat (or 17) fun?!?! I'm realizing now that I can't do a single craft project (unless I'm behind closed doors) without a cat involved. :)

Carla said...

Very cute. I have a bunch of those canes I bought at Walmart I think from a few years ago. I can't tell you how much your Poofie looks like my Pinky. Exact markings.