Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random Thoughts and Treasures from Linda

Hi Everyone...

I hope you all enjoyed Jamie and I's shopping trip pics over the past week. Heading a couple hours away from home to shop is always a treat! It was such a fun day and I can't wait to do it again soon. I always love sharing with you as well!

Soon there will be some big changes going on at Primcats blog. Amybug is working on a custom template for me and it’s coming along. I have had this template for a very long time so I will be excited to try something new. I hope you all will like it as much as I do. :)

Mr. Primcat caught Gizzy snugged up with a pillow saturday. Isn't she a cutie!

I have a few ladies that are interested in some item’s from Primitive Blessings... and I'm working on that for them. I have a call into Pam and I'm waiting to hear back. (Don't worry ladies! I take care of my peeps!) If there is anything anyone wants please let me know as I will probably be making a trip back down there soon and I would be happy to pick you up whatever you need and ship it to you. Always happy to help out a fellow blogger. Just let me know as asap so I can get you prices when I talk to Pam.

I'm hoping this week to get pics of the house taken to share with you the fall decor of the Pumpkin Hoarder. It's been done for a few weeks now but there has been a lot of tweaking taking place so I've waited. I'm ready to share now and super excited!

I've updated my Ohio Shows page. Please let me know if you are going to any of these so we can meet and say hello! I love meeting blogging friends!

Mr. Primcat and I will be at Malabar Farms on Saturday for that show. I can't wait! Lots going on! DOn't miss out.

More infor here:


I've also updated my Giveaway page. So many wonderful giveaways going on right now... I don't want you to miss any! 

I was lucky enough to have a package sent to me from our beloved Linda at Parkers Paradise!

Just look at the wonderful stitchery's she sent me!

(Look! Two more pumpkins for the hoarder! Winking smile )


A cute towel!


And a wonderful Prim Hearts stitchery.


Thank you Linda! You are so generous! I will treasure these always!!!!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats


Rachel said...

Awww Gizzy looks so sweet on the couch! :O) I really like your stitcheries & your towel Linda sent you. She's just the sweetest lady! Have a great day!

TheCrankyCrow said...

That Gizzy is too cute....nothing like a kitty cuddled up on a couch...Love your stitcheries from Linda - especially the Fall one - how primcat perfect!! Can't wait for the photos of Pumpkin Hoarders: Buried Alive! Have a wonderful day!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh, I wish I could go to these shows! We have nothing like that around here!
I do like that Fall stitching. That's my own pattern! really glad you like it! Yes, I definitely see more seasons in your future!
It's always more fun when our Hubbies like to take us to these things, isn't it?
Warmest autumn blessings,

Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

Can't wait to see what Amybug designs for you!

Love that photo of Gizzy on the pillow. One of my favorite little blessings is finding a kitty in a cute position fast asleep.

I hope you have a great time at your shows! Wish I could come. :)

I loved to see all the sweet things Linda sent you. I'm a little envious of the pumpkins. ;)

Hubby should be mailing my package out to you today. I'll send you an email when I know for sure.

Warmest Blessings to you!

cynthia lee designs said...

Oh my...Gizzy is so cute sleeping with his head on that pillow!
Great goodies from Linda...I got some goodies from her too. She is so sweet!!
I did that show in Findlay a few years ago, but gave it up when I decided to slow down a bit and only do one Fall and one Christmas show that are closer to home.