Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thank you all!

Hello friends,

Just wanted to drop in and thank everyone for the prayers and kind words for my Stepmom and Dad.

Laura is now out of ketoacidosis which is good. However, because of her current medication they have been unable to test and see how much damage was done to her heart. The plain and simple of it is we know nothing about the condition of her heart and she will remain in the hospital for now. I don't think they know when she will be able to get the testing or go home at this point in time.

She is in much better spirits though, so that is good. And I pray that they get her off some of her unecessary meds and get her onto a better program for controling her many, many illnesses. And I hope that they get her some counseling for her depression as well. That would make a world of difference.

I have not been able to see her yet, I have a virus and have had a fever since Sunday night. I'm taking antibiotics but I can't compromise her in anyway, but I've talked to her everyday. And she really does sound in better spirits. :)

Mr. Primcat and I will be heading out for our yearly motorcycle trip soon but I know at the moment Laura is safe and sound in the hospital and that makes me feel bettter. She is beingtaken care of.

I thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts and ask that you continue to send them for Dad and Laura.

Until next time...

Carmen and the Primcats


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

glad to hear she is doing much better..Thank you for your kind words tonight..I really appreciated it..miss your blogging.;)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Good morning Carmen,
I so apologize for not being here - I'm bad at getting around to all my blogs in the fashion I want to.
I'm so sorry about your MIL...we certainly feel their troubles don't we.
Praying for a quicker recovery than it has been...hopefully she will pop out of it faster when there aren't so many meds in her...they sure can cause extra problems.

You get better want to feel 100% for that long ride!
Hugs, Karen

Roberta (Cottonwood Lane Primitives) said...

Sorry to hear your step-mom has been so ill. Hope the doctors get things figured out. It's certainly an art--everyone reacts differently to meds and sometimes it seems very challenging to get the right balance. Wishing you a safe trip and hope you're well on your way to recovery, too.