Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday!

Good morning friends!
Wow! What a weekend! The sun was shining and I was soaking it up. It wasn’t warm out… but it was still beautiful!

If you recall… I was on the Cinch! Detox last week. I did amazing! Lost 4 pounds in 4.5 days, from Monday morning to lunch Friday, eating 4 specific healthy meals a day. I was down to 129! That was my goal.

And then I proceeded to BLOW IT BIG TIME over the weekend! LOL! Dinner and drinks with a girlfriend in need of a shoulder to cry on Friday night, then dinner with hubby at a yummy Greek restaurant Saturday night, then pizza last night after cleaning all day. I am soooooooo bloated. YUK! And currently weighing in at more than before I started my detox. Crapola! Oh well… it was worth it to pig out for 3 days straight! lol! Now… it’s salads for me for the rest of the week! HA! I will get back down as soon as the water weight goes away! :)

I was supposed to go shopping with friends on Saturday but plans got cancelled. We were going to head down to North Shore Primitives for the open house but it just didn’t work out. That’s ok. We will go soon! Ended up hanging out at my besties house during the day and the dinner date with hubby later. It was a nice Saturday.

Sunday morning I got up early, met my friend Jamie and we headed to the Rolling Acres Country Craft Show. Lots of wonderful treasures there. Lots of overpriced treasures. I REALLY wanted two different cat dolls that were there but one was priced at $30.00 and the other at $20.00. No can do. It’s a ratty cat doll. I would rather buy handmade ones from blogging buds than buy one that says “Made in China.” for that price!

So I bought a huge handmade cute floppy eared bunny instead. He was only $8.00 and I think that was a super fair price.

Isn’t he cute?


I put him in the living room next to the Cranberry scoop light box I made.


After the craft show I came home and hubby and I started THE Spring Clean. He worked on the office and living room and I on the bedroom. Mom stopped by and helped me for a bit. And she replaced the lights on my mini tree for me so maybe this week I’ll be able to get them decorated! Thanks Mom! Tonight we finish the kitchen and bathrooms. It’s such a job… but it smells so fresh and clean in the house now! It’s always worth it! I love the fresh clean Spring cleaned house!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about a treasure box that arrived in the mail Friday! See you then!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats


Carmen C. said...

I love that bunny, so cute!!! I thinking cheating every now and then helps keep you on track in the long run, and your definitely not as miserable:)Have a great day:)

Traci said...

Hi Carmen, sounds like a nice but busy weekend you had.... hey, and a girls gotta pig out once in a while! When you have your spring cleaning done, I'll give you my address, LOL... Blessings for a great week, Traci

rachel said...

Your bunny is very cute! We went to that craft show on Sunday! how funny! Good luck spring cleaning!! Have a great week!

Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Carmen, I love the bunny you found, he looks really good next to the lighted cranberry scoop you made, thats really neat. Glad you had a great weekend. I went shop hopping with spring open houses, stop by and check out my pictures. Vicky

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

man you had a busy fun filled weekend and a clean house that smells spring time fresh to boot.;)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

A busy, productive weekend--gotta love it! Nice of Mom to stop by and pitch in, too. And Hubby cleans? The best I can get out of mine is hauling out the cast-offs! LOL Right now, our garage is so full, the car doesn't fit! We have the windows open as well. Enjoy this first week of spring! It is a glorious time. I'm sure you are back on track with the diet. You will do well. 129 is pretty skinny for a tall girl like you.

michelle said...

Luv the bunny!great price too!Enjoy your salads this week sweetie.Your still doing a great job!have a great week!blessings and hugs michelle

lilraggedyangie said...

Love the bunny, I agree I got a lil unnerved at the show it says right on the application to rent space 85% of all items must be home made and Im sorry dont put a handmade raggedy tag on a doll that says made in china on her back side . I am seriously considering selling there in the fall but am concerned I won't make enough to make the cost of their super expensive space rental. Im glad you had a good weekend , and sheesh splurge a lil but don't feel guilty it will all come even eventually. keep up the great work. hugs
lil raggedy angie