Friday, January 14, 2011

Shoo Fly for you?

Remember way back here… when I made a bunch of shoofly's? <—Clickity

I had sent Andy one in a swap.
and kept these three for myself. I finally got around to using a them. I hung them on the wall beside the pie safe. I really like them.





The other 6 will be up for sale or swap in my goods area soon so keep an eye out! I’ll let you know when I get them photographed and posted!

Until next time…
Carmen and the Primcats


Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Hi Carmen, those look great!! What size are they? I would be up for a swap when you get them posted. I'll be keeping a lookout!!

At Home With Amy said...

Those looke really good hanging on the wall Carmen. Not an idea I had thought of myself but I really like it. Its nice to see different ways to use things.

renee said...

Carmen, they look nice on the wall like that!
You did a good job on them. Keep up the good work~ with the working out!
Have a great day!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hey great job on those screens and I love how you displayed them.
Now when you sell them - everyone will want the 3 sizes so they will look like your!

american girl primitives said...

These look great Carmen, I like the three together.

Jacki said...

I love them they look great! The three sizes look really good together.

Prim Hugs,

Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Can I just buy one?
Or I'll swap too....
Let me know, Please!
See there, Lorna and I'll will just save you the trouble of listing them.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Hi, Carmen!
They turned out great! Wonderful job!
your home looks great!
enjoy the day

Wendy/TheCozyYellowHouse said...

Great idea Carmen! I never thought to hang them, I bought an old strainer at thr flea market this past summer for 25 cents, I had a wood knob and paint already so i got to make one for just 25 cents!! I don't think you'll have any trouble selling or trading the remainder!!:0) Have a great weekend!!

Sandy said...

I like how you have them displayed! The use of them are unlimited...all we need to do is use our creativity :)

A Primitive Homestead said...

I like where & how you hung them in that grouping. All lined up waiting for the pies to come out of the pie safe. Looks like you will have no trouble finding good homes for them. I may be interested in the smallest one if you have a waiting list.