Thursday, May 27, 2010

~Thrifty Thursday~

Hello friends!

My apologies for not getting back sooner but this week has just been insanely hectic! We made it back from PA safe and sound with our new camper in tow and a boat load of prim goodies to boot! I’ll have to share about that later though because it’s Thursday and I want to share last weeks Thrift store finds today! It was a good thrifting week last week! I’m very pleased with my findings!

So lets get to it!

An overview…

Of course the primcats are always willing to lend a helping paw for picture taking time.
Hmmmm… seems Chen is slightly annoyed. What, do tell, is this dog atrocity doing in our house??? lol!
Well Chen… it’s cool pottery... for $1.50. I’m sure we have a friend somewhere with a doggie who might be deserving of this fantastic little crock!
Next up… this great teal Crate for $2.50. An adorable Red rocker for $2.00 and a fantastic set of Wrought Iron utensils for $3.00. Good stuff!
Cant decide where this should go. In the kitchen? Or in the living room by the fireplace? Time will tell…
An amazing Pineapple cutting board for $2.00!! I love this! I’m gonna stain it and then hang it in my entryway!
A Le Bistro Bell™ Crock from Butter Bell for $3.00. I’ve wanted on of these for a long time! Retails at 21.95. Can’t believe the deal I got! . YAY!
A wood frame for $0.50
A vintage electric Iron for $2.00.
A cute little shelf for $1.00
A wood tissue box for $0.50 that I’ll prim with paint.
A great little cranberry scoop for $2.00. I already have 2 others of these. Three makes a collection so I think I’ll hang them all in the bedroom. 
My favorite find. A huge game board for $2.00!
It has small spaces on one side…
And large spaces on the other…
And it comes with all the chess pieces. A fun find!
A large wall board to hold paper or a calendar. I don’t have a place for this yet… but it was only $3.00 so I couldn’t let it go since it’s fully primed up already!
Five great little pastry molds for $2.00.
And lastly 2 baskets. $1.00 for left one and $2.00 for the lidded one. Super cute!

So there you have it. Last weeks goodies!
I can’t wait to get the dining room paint finished so I can start putting this house back in order! Going out of town last weekend to pick up the camper really messed up the schedule! We did manage to get the front yard of the property mulched Tuesday night and now we have the back half to complete. Hopefully we’ll get to that tonight or tomorrow night. Saturday we have a big Memorial ride on the Harley so the painting of the dining room is going to have to be pushed off til’ Sunday or Monday. Sometime then I also need to get the gardens planted! And then maybe I’ll be able to start decorating again! Geesh! Life has just been crazy lately! Good crazy… but crazy none the less.

Hope you all have a lovely day filled with peace and love!

Until next time…

Carmen and the Primcats


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Awesome finds!!!!! The checkerboard is a bonus with the pieces. Just make a little prim sack to hold your pieces and put a little nail to hold it at the bottom.


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Awesome finds and at great prices, you
can't beat that!

Bear Hugs~Karen

rockriverstitches said...

Carmen, sure did get some great finds!!! I've never been that lucky! Maybe one or two things. Now I'm inspired to hit the goodwill today!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

wow you found some awesome treasures and at some fantastic prices them all...can't wait to see them displayed in your newly painted home...have a wonderful weekend out toodling on your bike.:)

colonialhomestead said...

You got really great goodies. I wish my thrift store had good stuff like this. Was wondering what goodies you got in Lancaster. Have a happy & safe Memorial weekend.

Janice said...

Your dog dish is not "Roseville Pottery", but was made by the Robinson Ransbottom Pottery Company of Roseville Ohio.

Roseville Pottery was made in Zanesville Ohio. They are 2 different potteries.

Kady said...

You hit the prim jackpot! Wonderful prim goodies. Glad you found so many great things.