Thursday, May 20, 2010

I’m a Harley Girl!

Ok... I confess I’m a biker chick! Breed, born and raised on a Harley. Way back in the day, when I was just a wee little infant Dad would hop on the Harley and Mom would jump right on the back with him and they’d smash me right in between them! Have mercy if we saw someone doing that today! But that is what they did and that is how I spent the first 5 years of my life, smashed between Mom and Dad on the Harley. I loved it! I still remember riding that way even though I was so young.
Once mom and Dad separated the bike rides were few and far between but never far from my heart. When I met my husband he had a “bullet bike”. Not exactly my cup of tea but hey… wind in the hair is wind in the hair, right? We rode a lot the first few years together. And then for whatever reason, I don’t even remember, he got rid of the bullet bike and I was bike-less again. 
Until 2005 when I spotted a beautiful black and chrome Harley Davidson Road King sitting in someone's yard for saleon my way to work. That was it… the ONE! I think I did something like that car commercial where the girl runs up to the car and licks the door handle to claim it as hers so no one else buys it. lol! I knew it had to be mine!

So… we bought it and that was that. I was again a biker babe and loving it!
We’ve logged a lot of miles on our trusty Road King. Long rides short rides… doesn’t matter. I just love to ride. Love to get out on the open road and enjoy the world. Love to hit the roads less traveled and enjoy the fresh air. And most of all love hitting all the little ma and pop antique shops along the way!!! Hubby loves that too because I can’t buy up the whole store when we’re on the bike. lol!
I am such a biker chick that for Christmas one year… hubby surprised me with my own Harley Sportster! I loved being behind the bars! It was awesome! I rode for a year on my own but in the end decided I liked being a passenger more so I sold my Sporty to my Dad which worked our perfectly because then he was back on a bike and he could ride with us!
So being that I love to ride I have felt for a long time that it was time to upgrade our trips a bit. I finally found what I wanted so we could do that at a price I am willing to pay and we are super excited.
It’s called a Time Out Trailer and it’s a small pull behind camper for the bike (or car). We are going to pick it up this weekend.
Watch this short video and see how cool this little thing is!!!

Isn’t it CUTE!!!
Closed it looks like this. All small and tiny! 8 feet long by 3.5 feet wide.
But that cute little box turns in this HUGE camper!!!
Screen room.
Or awning.
Inside the main Camper area.
So there it is! Our new toy! We are so super excited to go pick it up. Because guess where it is???
Just north of LANCASTER, PA!!!!!!!!!
WooHoo!!!! Side trip!!! Hopefully I'll be coming home with a camper, and some prim goodies!!!! Yay!!!!
Hope everyone has a great day!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

that is really kewl!!! I just sent my hubby the link..he has a heritage soft tail..but our first was a sporty..road it all over was a blast..I don't spend too much time on this one as I ache to badly to be on it for too long..I have a license plate bracket made for him that says: spending time behind guy asked it he was in prison and another if he was a your weekend..:)

Carmen C. said...

Hey biker chick, love that bike! I used to date a guy before I met my hubbs who had a bike and we used to ride it even in the winter sometimes as he had no car, LOL!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

I am a biker chick too! We have a 2003 Fatboy that is in the shop and we are waiting to get it back got lots of road trips planned!
Have fun!!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Carmen....what a great post. I love watching all the Harley riders around here we live just outside of Milwaukee and there's usually a 'fest' of somekind going on.
Great bikes and 'story' and love your new digs!
Yeah for you girl.

Pam said...

My daughter Kindra sent me this post, you explained very well how it feels to ride, Kindra didn't understand at first when mom and dad took up this new hobby. I am fifty some and when we ride it makes me feel like I am getting younger not older. We love to go to all the antique and junk stores too. This Nebraska weather has not let us ride much this year, today 40 mh wind. Next week we plain to ride to a big flea market by the Missouri river, it will be a beautiful ride if the weather cooperates. Have fun with your new camper.

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Hi, this is my first time to visit you here. FUN!
I loved your post, The Mr. and I have wanted a bike....we vacillate some though, and then the neighbors hit a deer on their Harley and so we vacillate some more! LOL
I'm in the market for a new horse, and think that may win out this time. But, to quote a biker girl..... "Wind in the hair is still wind in the hair" bike or horse! LOL
I looked at you back posts and enjoyed myself.
Thanks for following me and visiting The Stone House.
I love the trailer! Who knew? But oh how nice it will be! Road trips here you come in style! :-D

colonialhomestead said...

This camper is just so neat. I wish you & your Hubby lots of fun & over night road trips. So what other goodies did you find in Lancaster?

ctlogcabin said...

Hi Carmen ~~ Love reading you Bike History, Hubby & I rode for years..and there is Nothing like the wind in your hair. Best of Luck with you new purchase...may you have Safe Travels & Fun times on the Road.
Hugs ~ Connie xox